this cthulhu, it has a soft side

I made this for my good friend (and tal­ent­ed artist!) Kityan, because it was her birth­day. I could­n’t help but made myself one too.


It came from this pat­tern on Rav­el­ry. I made mine a bit short­er, with vel­cro to keep the ends togeth­er, and also lined the back of it with fab­ric. The one for my friend has pol­ka dots. Mine’s from an old shirt that got paint on it, with tiny pur­ple flow­ers. I real­ly liked that shirt, so I’m glad to be able wear it again in an oth­er form. Per­haps tiny pur­ple flow­ers are not some­thing that we think a cthul­hu would like — but one nev­er knows! :D


Have a great Monday!




8 thoughts on “this cthulhu, it has a soft side

  1. dear friend,

    I can’t thank you enough for the thought­ful AND quirky gift !!! I love it! I need to com­pli­ment on the lin­ing of the scarf-its well sewn and it won’t make my neck itchy — perfect!


  2. I love the scarf and the idea of lin­ing it! I would nev­er of thought of it.
    And thank for explain­ing what a ‘cthulhu’is…I could­n’t even get my tongue around pro­nounc­ing it!!

  3. thank you! i also had to click on the lit­tle speak­er­phone but­ton on the wikipedia page to find out how to pro­nounce it! :P

  4. Before I knew how to actu­al­ly pro­nounce Cthul­hu, I made up my own pro­nun­ci­a­tion. WHICH I still pre­fer to use because it makes it sound all cute and cud­dly! It sounds some­thing like:


    Yes, I know that it has extra con­so­nants and vow­els. But it sounds so cute when you say it aloud! :)

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