letting go week 3: crocheted sushi

oh my good­ness every­body! Haven’t been around here for a long time! A lot’s been going on, but I final­ly made it — I found five things that I’m let­ting go of this week. Here’s one of them…

jan23 crochet sushi


 It’s a set of cro­cheted sushi I gave to Mike years ago, might have been before we even start­ed dat­ing. They’ve come back to my pos­ses­sion after we were mar­ried, and they have been sit­ting in a cor­ner col­lect­ing tons and tons of dust. They weren’t very well-made (the hook I used was too big and I used most­ly dou­ble cro­chet stitch­es rather than sin­gle cro­chet, so they’re a bit wob­bly), and I’ve since made lots of things for Mike that are in bet­ter shape (like ground­hog, young krak­en, peas, and donut, just to name a few). It’s hard throw­ing out things with a lot of fond mem­o­ries attached to them, but let­ting go makes space for new things. 

Oth­er items:

A pouffy wine-colour skirt, a pair of slip­pers I nev­er wore, a cro­chet lace hat, and a very spe­cial cro­chet neck warmer called Giraffe.

Giraffe the neck warmer is very spe­cial because I’m going to give it away on this blog! :D I still have to take bet­ter pho­tos of it, more details to come soon!


Until then, be sure to check out Mike’s post this week in the par­al­lel blogiverse!

Take care, everyone!




2 thoughts on “letting go week 3: crocheted sushi

  1. Hi Trish, I’ve been away, too :-). My sched­ule is chang­ing a bit so hope­ful­ly will have more com­put­er time. Hey, I’m LOVING your blind con­tour sketch­es! They are just beau­ti­ful with the splash of water­col­or, and a very cool way to doc­u­ment their exit from your home.

    I have been reli­gious about my sky scarf, which makes me hap­py. It began on Dec. 22, and is cur­rent up to today, amaz­ing­ly. I used sil­ver thread for the two days we had snow; love that bit of sparkle! 

    Hope you have a fun weekend!

  2. thank you, nan­cy! i can just imag­ine the sparkles on your sky scarf… so awe­some! :D fun­ny, i was just think­ing about mak­ing a grey sweater with sil­ver thread mixed in it and call it “sil­ver lin­ing”, but i don’t know how i would do that yet.

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