letting go week 5: pile of clothing

feb4 pile of clothes


A pile of cloth­ing, which looks a bit like land­scape in picture.

It includes two jumpers that I cro­cheted but did­n’t wear much, but makes some inter­est­ing pat­terns in the pic­ture. Also in the pic­ture are a t‑shirt, a cro­cheted bolero, and a jean skirt I made from a pair of jeans.

And this week we are say­ing good­bye to Lar­ry on Mike’s par­al­lel blo­gi­verse. 

You might also notice that the head­er image has changed! :D I post about many dif­fer­ent kinds of crafts on this blog but I thought the friend­ly mush­room real­ly rep­re­sents what I like and what I like to make the most. And it’s all spring-like and cheerful!

Have a hap­py Thurs­day, everyone!




2 thoughts on “letting go week 5: pile of clothing

  1. Love the mushroom!
    All this talk about purg­ing and get­ting rid of things has me think­ing about “spring cleaning”.
    But only thinking. ;)

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