a very full heart

vday 1

Actually managed to squeeze in a wee valentine’s day craft Wednesday night — a knitted heart from pattern by Mochimochi Land! :D

I enjoyed the pattern very much because it’s knitted flat (I’m not very good at knitting in the round). And I attached a pin on the back so I can wear it proudly, this heart that is very plump and full of gratitude and love for the wonderful, most amazing and supportive man I’m married to.


vday 2


Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!



8 thoughts on “a very full heart

  1. I just love the plushy heart pin! I’m wondering now if I could crochet one since I don’t know how to knit. Hmmmm…

    As for me, I did a Valentine’s day heart yarn bomb, which was pretty fun.

    Glad you had a wonderful Valentine’s with your husband. :)

  2. thanks amy! i actually got some highlight too, supposed to be red, but it’s not showing very much… dark hair is very difficult to colour :(

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