slowing down

garden snail


A surprise in the mail a couple of weeks ago, from a wonderful friend who sent me this awesome book. I am so grateful for the generosity and thoughtfulness! I love all the tiny creatures in it. I have been wanting to make a garden snail for a while. It comes from this still, quiet voice in my heart that says, “you need to slow down.” And here it is! A pattern for a tiny snail in the book! I just had to make it.

This past six months have been one emotionally intense thing after another. Here I am hoping things will just start slowing down, and so grateful for the gift that arrives at a moment where I need to be reminded of this slowing-down message the most.

Its antennae are inspired by these gorgeous amigurumi fiddlehead ferns I saw on Craft :D


Wishing everyone a restful, nourishing, re-energizing weekend!




2 thoughts on “slowing down

  1. Yes, we do seem to need reminding to slow down. I love your garden snail and what he represents. Take good care of yourself, Trish. May you have restful, nourishing, and re-energizing weekend, too!

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