monster pops

monster pop 1

 Was won­der­ing what to do with left­over coconut milk that we bought to make cur­ry with, then I came across this post on how to make fruity striped ice cubes!

We hap­pened to have a can of frozen man­go juice as well, it was per­fect :D 

Aren’t these mon­ster pop molds just awe­some? Mike bought them last sum­mer :D It looks like the mon­sters have glow­ing brains under the kitchen light…

monster pop 2

 I added sug­ar to the coconut milk before pour­ing it into the mold, but I thought it tast­ed a bit bit­ter after it was frozen… does coconut milk taste bit­ter? Or did we leave it in the fridge for too long and it went bad…? Nei­ther Mike and I felt unwell after eat­ing two each, though. Hmm…

It’s going to hit 30℃ tomor­row — here comes summer!

Have a beau­ti­ful rest of the week!


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