pocketed, lined, with waistband, whoa!

I love to sew. But I don’t really use patterns, and I barely measure.

Most of what I sew are simple square tops and shapeless dresses (actually, they do have shapes, they are rectangles and, if I’m feeling adventurous, trapezoids).

Then one day, I suddenly thought that it would be a good idea to have a gathered skirt. It would be useful for semi-formal events and such. I took a trip to the local thrift store but couldn’t find anything that I liked. Then I went home, and saw this tutorial.

It was the perfect gathered skirt! A skirt I think I can make… 

And here it is! A skirt! With a waist! :D



It’s the perfect tutorial partly because it doesn’t have a zipper. I don’t know how to install a zipper. I avoid tutorials with zippers. It looks nice and flat and dressy on the front, and has an elastic on the back :D



I bought this sweet lavender fabric a long time ago and never knew what to do with it. It’s now put to good use!



I used less fabric than what is used in the tutorial. Instead of 45″ across for each of the front and back pieces, I used 37″ and it’s quite pouffy. I also sewed on a skirt lining that has the same circumference as the waistband.

Pockets! :D


And as you might have noticed — a new hairdo! For the summer :D

It was fun to make, and not too difficult (except I messed up the part about sewing on the elastic and ended up spending nearly an hour trying to get an elastic into the waistband without a safety pin or anything to guide it). I think I might make another one with the vintage bed sheet I bought last summer :D

Have a sweet rest of the week!


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12 thoughts on “pocketed, lined, with waistband, whoa!

  1. It looks great!! I think that vintage sheet would make another fabulous skirt! Thanks for sharing the link, I may get brave enough one day to attempt this!
    Kate :}

  2. I didn’t know you were a seamstress!! I’m just now teaching myself to sew. :)

    I’ve bookmarked this tutorial to try out. I recently did Liz’s peplum top tutorial and really had fun with it! Here’s a link if you were interested: http://www.caughtonawhim.com/2013/05/sewn-simple-peplum-top.html

    You might also like my friend Elena’s blog. She does simple sewing tutorials too. Here’s a fun t-shirt one she did: http://www.randomlyhappyblog.com/2013/05/how-to-sew-make-your-own-t-shirt-pattern.html

    1. thanks erica! :D awesome peplum top! i love the eyelet fabric! and i love your friend’s blog! thank you so much for the link — i’m going to have to spend an afternoon look at all of her tutorials!

  3. Yes, anything to avoid the dreaded zipper! Love this skirt; it looks perfect on you! And I love that you added a pocket.

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