lots of love

love knots1


I was mak­ing part­ing gifts for a team of peo­ple I’ve been work­ing with for the past year. Need­ed a pat­tern that was quick and airy for the sum­mer. Came across this pat­tern for a sim­ple scarf made of love knots (or Solomon knots), it was per­fect :D

I used Mary Max­im’s Step it Up. I love the colours and they’re quite afford­able. I think I’m going to make myself a scarf as well!

love knots2


Have a love­ly week! :D


9 thoughts on “lots of love

  1. Trish, these are so beau­ti­ful! I saw that the pat­tern called for DK yarn; how much dif­fer­ent in size is that to the sock yarn that you used? Did you go down a size on the cro­chet hook? Yes, you def­i­nite­ly need to make one for yourself! 

    I’ve been busy mak­ing laven­der wands and chair socks, but may have to start on one of these scarves before I get back to my oth­er projects :-).

    Your team is very lucky!

  2. thanks Nan­cy! i did start add two more stitch­es to the foun­da­tion row to make up for the thin­ner yarn, and used a 3.5mm hook (i think the pat­tern calls for 4mm hook?). they turned out to be sim­i­lar in width (~5″) as the pat­tern suggests.

    your laven­der wands are beau­ti­ful! and chair socks are always fun :D hap­py crafting!

  3. Love your scarves! So light and delicate…perfect for sum­mer!! Def­i­nite­ly make one for your­self as well!!! :-)

  4. Those are fab­u­lous! I love Solomon’s Knot…er, Love Knot. And that yarn worked great for those! :) And total­ly make your­self one! Or two! Or more! With that yarn, they’ll all look dif­fer­ent! LOL

  5. thanks amy! i think i have to make more of those with dif­fer­ent yarn! imag­ine mak­ing one with thick rov­ing! :D

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