trip to the capital city


Two weeks ago we went to Ottawa for my cousin’s wedding. It was a rather short trip but we got to visit the Rideau Canal before heading home. The fall colours were lovely. And I found an owl! :D



The wedding was held at this castle‐like hotel. It was one of the most glamorous weddings I’ve ever been invited to, and so very happy to see my cousin marrying her true love! :D



So throughout the summer I worked on adding a sash to this dress so it looks a bit more formal for the occasion…



… and I clipped this fabric flower I made on the back. I also bought this vintage porcelain rose earring and necklace set from a very friendly shop owner on Etsy. I thought it matched my dress well :) 



The hotel was right next door to Parliament Hill. A levitating photo is in order.



Hope everyone’s having a good weekend! 


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