trip to the aquarium

photo 1

For months I have been staring at this poster while waiting for the train. 

And finally, we were there! :D


Hello, friendly-looking turtle!

Yes, this is the new aquarium in Toronto. I love sea creatures. I’m not sure what I think about aquariums, zoos, and animals in captivity. But I’m happy to be able to see the sea creatures that I would never be able to see in person otherwise, and I hope that they’re being well taken care of.

This reminds me of the kodama (forest spirits) in Princess Mononoke.


 Fashionable rays sporting polka dots.


And glittery piranhas. IMG_1492

Sea dragon dance.


 Sharks swimming overhead!


And the reef exhibit reminds me of the crystal palace in Journey to the West (popular Chinese story about a monkey king) where the dragon king lives. It is so very magical.

crystal palace

The part I was most looking forward to was the jelly fish tank. It was hard to take good pictures of, but so mesmerizing…



Wishing you a great start to the week! 




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