moss & ferns

moss and ferns

 This was the knitting project I mentioned a couple of posts ago :D It’s a Lion Brand pattern. The lace pattern was a bit confusing at first and I had to take it apart a couple of times. Thankfully no stitches were lost (I think), and after 2 weeks of knitting I pretty much got the pattern memorized so it got a lot easier after that. Just two rectangles with a bit of neck shaping. The collar turned out a bit smaller than I thought, so I just crocheted 1 round of single crochet to finish it off rather than doing the 3 rounds of k1 p1 ribbing as instructed. A bit big on me all around but I like that it’s long.

I really like the texture of the moss stitch. I think I’m going to try to make up a sweater pattern with moss stitch, bulky yarn and 10 mm needles. We’ll see.

Have a happy Wednesday!


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