this week’s awesome finds

I real­ly like the look of garter stitch. Might have to make a pair soon. Mit­ten pat­tern form Martha Stew­art.


Awe­some retro-look­ing chevron clutch. Pat­tern from Fiber Flux.


Cat cup­cakes! Adorable­ness over­load. Pat­tern by Stuff Susie Made.


Also in garter stitch, I real­ly like this skirt. Maybe in less bright colours, but I would total­ly wear it. From Knit­ty.


This is so awe­some! OctoMitts! On sale on Rav­el­ry by Spilly­Jane Knits.


Sweet­est hand muffs ever. Free Rav­el­ry down­load by Miz­pah Thomas.


Have an awe­some week, everyone!







6 thoughts on “this week’s awesome finds

  1. Love the mit­tens pat­tern, Trish! My hus­band’s hands are very sen­si­tive to cold due to nerve dam­age, and these mit­tens will be great for him to wear around the house. Thanks!!!

  2. Hi!
    I can’t remem­ber how I came to your love­ly blog but I ’ m glad I did. I love the way you re-fash­ion your clothes!
    You’re an amaz­ing artist.

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