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Hard to believe how happy this made me, to crochet something. 

Life’s been busy, and I feel rather depleted every day when I get home. But I know that if I carve out some time to make something rather than zonking out in front of the TV I would feel much better, much more energized, much more nourished in my spirit.

I’ve been wanting to make a luna moth for a while. Was looking for an origami diagram actually, but couldn’t find any on the interweb. So I thought I’d go back to what I do best, with my trusty crochet hook and yarn.

Someone I really admire once asked me what it’s like to crochet, referring particularly to the tiny anatomical heart I gave her. I said it’s like sculpting with yarn. 

You see, it crossed my mine to write out a pattern, because I haven’t posted a pattern for a long time, but writing a pattern kind of takes away the spontaneity of free-form crocheting, of sculpting with yarn, which was what I needed at the moment. But you can see that the veins on the upper wings are clearly off, so I might make another one to improve on it, and I might jot down the stitches then.

I had some perfectly sparkly yellow beads for the eye spots.

luna 2

Like I said, I’ve been wanting to make some kind of moth for a long time. The inspiration for it is kind of ridiculous. I keep seeing this commercial for Big Bang Theory in which Sheldon asked Amy, “are you sure your moth-like personality won’t be drawn to this blazing fire that is myself?”

I don’t watch the Big Bang Theory, but I find the description “moth-like personality” interesting. It reminds me of a conversation I had with a former supervisor, whom I also admire very much. She asked, “so you say that you have this huge fear of conflicts and angry people, yet you picked a profession in which you have to deal with people who are in conflicts and angry all day?” 

I don’t know why I choose to work in social services. Sometimes I wished I could go back in time and choose archaeology or paleontology as a major. Sometimes I think I would be much happier and less stressed out in general if I studied dinosaurs instead of the various ways people hurt one another. But I’m not so sure.

Anyway, I was feeling depleted, so I made a moth, and it made me happy. That’s all I can say for today.

I didn’t sew a pin back on it yet, but I think it might look good as a brooch. Not too over the top, right?

luna 3

Wishing you a peaceful rest of the week.


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  1. Anyway, I was feeling depleted, so I made a moth, and it made me happy. That’s all I can say for today.”

    I really resonate with that. It doesn’t solve any of life’s problems, but the ritual of baking something renews my spirit.

  2. thanks annie! i think the renewal of spirit can also make a difference in terms of how i approach life problems :)

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