this week’s awesome finds

Knit cac­ti. Love the tex­tures made with dif­fer­ent stitch pat­terns. From Sewing Bare­foot.

Fab­ric flow­ers make beau­ti­ful spring brooches! From Crea­ture Com­forts.

Very cool hid­den stor­age, also from Sewing Bare­foot.

Beau­ti­ful crepe paper car­na­tions, from Ruf­fles & Stuff.

I like pat­terns that use both knit and cro­chet. From Lion Brand Yarn.

Ani­mal pin par­ty favours. Can I be the bun­ny or the owl? From Oh Hap­py Day.

Hap­py hous­es made of milk car­tons. From Bloe­sem Kids.

Nicer than real ones in some ways, even. Cof­fee fil­ter flow­ers, from Just Bel­la.

I might have post­ed this before but my friend Amy sent it to me recent­ly and it made my day so I’m post­ing it again :D 8‑foot giant squid pil­low! The most awe­some thing ever! Comes with the sewing pat­tern! From Build-a-DIY.

Pat­tern for a tiny rab­bit, weld­ing a nee­dle and vow­ing to pro­tect yarn stash (nee­dle and yarn stash not includ­ed in the pat­tern). Sim­ply the cutest! From Pops de Milk.

A dif­fer­ent kind of bun­ny, with a star­burst cen­tre this time. From Green Drag­on­fly.

Shep­herd knit­ting, with a hook! Nev­er seen that before. Might make a nice cowl. Must try it some­day. From Amore Fecit.

Mike would love this — sprin­kles can­dle! And it’s sup­posed to smell like cake! From Beth­Cakes.

And this one is for my sis­ter :D Goo­gly eyes make every­thing awesome. From Lit­tle Gath­er­er.

Have a hap­py week, every­one! :D

3 thoughts on “this week’s awesome finds

  1. OMG the hid­den book stor­age is awe­some. As is the squid of course! ;-)
    But I think my fav is the pet cloud. I’m total­ly going to have to make some!

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