green flying squirrel

Photo 2014-05-24, 4 38 25 PM

Final­ly fin­ished the pineap­ple top from Vogue Cro­chet. I used #10 thread and had to scale down to a 2.5 mm hook, so it looks less cozy than the one in the mag­a­zine and a bit more sum­mery, I think.

And the dol­man sleeves, they remind me of a fly­er squirrel.

I like how it turned out with the mint green. I’ve nev­er worn this colour before. The cashier at Michaels said it’s one of their “hot new colours” that just came in. And I bought all that they had on the shelf :P

Here’s a clos­er look at it.


And the sleeves…


And anoth­er attempt at embody­ing the green fly­ing squirrel.



Have a hap­py Sun­day! :D




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  1. Wow,that looks gor­geous and great on you. Love­ly colour for sum­mer. x

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