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So named because it reminds me of my friend’s flight attendant uniform :D

Knitting an ascot neck scarf. I really like them because my mom used to make them for me when I was a child. I still have a tiny red one from my toddler years, my plush llama is now wearing it. I was using this fantastic pattern by Theresa Belville on Ravelry, but then I have this self-striping kind of yarn, which I thought works better with blunt ends rather than petal-shaped ends, so I made some modifications, and they are recorded below, in case I want to make another one (or ten!), or you, too, want to make a blunt-end ascot neck scarf inspired by flight attendant uniform :)

My modifications are made so that the scarf is a bit snug around the neck, but wide enough so it keeps the neck warm. Its length and width can be easily adjusted though.

Again, this is not my original pattern, it is adapted from this pattern. In fact I would have never been able to figure out how to split the piece into two to make the keyhole part if I didn’t practice with the original pattern first.

I used: 5.5mm needles (you’ll need 3), worsted weight yarn.

Finished scarf is about 4.5″ wide and 15″ long.

CO 17

Knit every row until piece is 4″ long.
(you can probably make it a tad longer if you want, especially if you’re making the scarf less snug around the neck, I think it would look better if the ends are a bit longer in that case)

Decrease row: k1, then k2tog to end.

Knit every row for 7 rows.

Increase row: k1, then kfb (knit into the front and back) in every stitch to end.

Knit every row until middle section (starting from the increase row) is 12″.
(again, I wanted my scarf to be snug around the neck, as inspired by the flight attendant uniform, and I’ve been told I have a small neck, so it’s probably best to wrap it around your neck as you go, or, the original pattern suggests 16–18″ for adult scarves)

Split row: (here’s where the 3rd needle comes in handy) *k1, slip knit-wise on spare needle* repeat from * to * till end.

Knit 10 rows on stitches on original needle, cut yarn and tie off end.

Attach yarn to first stitch on 3rd needle, knit 10 rows.

Join row: *knit first stitch on original needle, then knit 1 stitch on 3rd needle* repeat from * to * till end.

Knit every row until last section of scarf (starting from the join row) is 4″ long. Bind off, weave in ends.

It’s a very quick project. I like how the blue stripes fade in and out in this particular yarn, though I don’t remember where it’s from, and its label is missing.

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Now put it on and take flight! :D

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!