this week’s awesome finds

Aren’t these the most hug­gable cats? Pat­tern on Mish­to.

Who knew platy­pus­es would make such awe­some pothold­ers? Pat­tern at Pata­lap­pu­ma­nia.

And these giant leaves! I’m think­ing coast­ers, gar­land, wreath, elbow patch? Pat­tern on Mes­sy­la.

Fly­ing squir­rels are the coolest! Also a great way to upcy­cle an fleece blan­ket or sweater! Pat­tern on Wild Olive.

Anoth­er fly­ing squir­rel, this time a very help­ful nee­dle-min­der. I don’t embroi­der very much, but I imag­ine it would be a lot of fun mak­ing the squir­rel fly across the fab­ric by mov­ing the mag­net on the back :D Also from Wild Olive.

Speak­ing of embroi­dery, love these embroi­dered plas­tic can­vas ear­rings. From Emuse.

I don’t have a food dehy­dra­tor, but if I do I would def­i­nite­ly give this a try — it is fas­ci­nat­ing! I would nev­er think of turn­ing water­mel­on into jerky. Very curi­ous about how it would taste… Spot­ted on Instructa­bles.

Fun and funky Per­ler bead but­tons! From Mak­er Mama.

Looks super awe­some and very easy to make! Burg­er bal­loons from Stu­dio DIY.

Have fan­tas­tic Wednes­day, every­one! :D


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