A while ago a dear friend gave me Diana Mini as a gift (yes, lucky me! :D) for taking pictures at her wedding. I haven’t used a film camera in ages, maybe since I was 16. I thought I would get impatient or even frustrated with not being able to seeing results immediately like with digital cameras, but it was actually a lot of fun! I currently have a roll in the camera that I started on the night of Nuit Blanche, which was in early October, and I’m still waiting to finish it, but it almost feel joyful to wait to see the results. It makes the pictures and the moments they capture feel more special.

Also! The Diana was actually first made in Hong Kong in the 60s, which was where I was born (but not in the 60s :P) and makes me love it more :D I had some trouble with loading and winding the film in the beginning (actually, I still have some trouble loading, it’s not made of very sturdy plastic and I’m always worried that I would snap something if I press too hard on any part). Parts of my first roll was ripped maybe because it wasn’t loaded properly, but somehow it’s working better.

So, anyway, here are a few that I think are particularly cool :D

analogue1Picture of Mike taking a picture. Actually, when I’m walking around with the Diana I find that I often get asked by strangers to take a picture of me taking a picture, it’s kind of funny.

cnI think I had the camera on “bulb” mode or long exposure by mistake. Kind of a dizzying dream world, with the CN Tower in the background! :D The biggest part of the fun with a “toy” camera like the Diana is the surprise I think, the happy accidents.

analogue2This was actually taken on a kind of film for slides, which I didn’t know at the time. The friendly staff at the photography shop said it required “cross processing” to develop, and the results were AMAZING. I wish I can show you more pictures of it, but then it would be a total photo overload and you would probably get bored. So here’s one that I really like, a corner in a very quaint cafe.

dance floorThis one was probably my favourite of all the Diana pictures I have taken so far. One very neat thing one can do with the camera is multiple exposures!

And now these ones are taken by Mike with a Minolta that he’s inherited from his uncle. It was a beautiful fall day at a nearby trail — look at the tree-lined path! I love the pictures that the Diana takes, but this is clearly a camera of a much better quality. I really like how they turned out :)




So, Mike had this brilliant idea of one day taking a trip in which we only take analogue photos, without constantly taking pictures with our phones and posting them on Instagram and such. Cannot wait until that happens! :D

Will share more pictures when my current roll in the camera is developed! Have a happy Thursday, everyone!



6 thoughts on “analogue

  1. Love these! The cross processed cafe shot is great! You wouldn’t have bored me with more of them! The Minolta shots are lovely as well! Can’t wait to see more! It makes me want to get out my Holga which I haven’t played with in ages!!
    Kate :}

  2. I love mine too, I have the Diana F+, but haven’t been out with it for ages either so you have reminded me! I also develop my own black and white film which makes it even more fun. Kathryn.

  3. My Dad used a Minolta! Slides were the thing in the 60s when I was growing up. Dad would take all these great slides of our vacations and then haul out the projector and screen so we could see them. We have since converted most of them to digital. Not quite the same as seeing them using the projector, though!
    Hey, I wouldn’t be bored seeing all your pics, either! :-)

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