an analogue Christmas

This Christmas I only took a few pictures with my phone, the rest I took with a Diana Mini (a film camera). I’m really enjoying not being able to immediately see what I’ve captured, and waiting to see the results, and ending up with significantly fewer photos. It all makes picture-taking a much more intentional activity for me.

So I just want to share with you a few of my favourites :D

Some of these are from the fall. Here we are, with friends at Nuit Blanche. Some major streets were closed for the “all-night art thing”, so we were able to take a leisurely stroll in the middle of the night down the middle of a streetcar track.



This was one of the Nuit Blanche installations at Fort York. Taken with long exposure, made more dramatic with light leaks. The lights moves from the canons down the hill. I wished I had recorded the sounds and music that went with it too. It was beautiful.



Kind of a confusing picture but I really like it. It was actually a double exposure of baby’s breath in a vase and me wearing a mushroom cap.



Here’s a better picture of me in the mushroom cap (found at Ikea! Best thing ever :D). One cannot be stressed out while wearing a mushroom cap and sipping tea.



The annual Santa Claus parade! We haven’t been for a few years but this year a friend was in the parade so we were hoping to wave at her from the sideline. Sadly, we missed her, with all the festivities going on and children running around. But I’ve got some multiply-exposed pictures to capture the (somewhat overwhelming) holiday cheers! (Because I was also running out of film, was trying to take in as much as possible :P) Here we have a couple of posing clowns…



and a princess in a giant skirt and a giant bonhomme de neige.



And rabbits! And tea party amidst the giant mushrooms!



And finally, Santa! With the band playing around him…



And we also went to the annual Christmas Market at the Distillery. Very magical with the lights. This one is my favourite shot from the market.



There was a very giant Christmas tree, but the pictures I took of the tree turned out rather dark because the Diana doesn’t have a very strong flash. So, tree with more string lights.



The cheerful crowd :D



In the building where all the artist studios are.



And some family time. Got to do some holiday yarn crafting with my cousin (who is 8, so I’m more like an aunt than a cousin…). Here are the pom pom pets we made, all lined up for a group photo :D (a granny rabbit, a panda and a pig)



Having some tea and trifle at grandma’s, a yearly tradition :) (I love how it captured the cream dispersing in the tea)



I just started another roll of film for new year and lunar new year — stay tuned for more Diana pictures! :D Until then, wishing you good health and much joy in 2015!


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  1. I love your Diana photos Trish!! The long exposure with the light leak is so cool! Thanks for sharing!
    Kate :}

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