new summer knit :D

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Recent­ly fin­ished this sum­mery top :D The Yamamichi-mon tee on Ravelry.

I used a vin­tage yarn that I inher­it­ed called Bou­quet Cindy Cot­ton Look. I thought the tex­ture of the yarn would work well with the design of the sweater. It’s worsted/light worsted weight, and I used 7mm needles.

So to com­pen­sate for the much larg­er nee­dle and heav­ier yarn, I cast on 76, then when divid­ing for the shoul­ders and the neck, I bound off 36 stitch­es in the centre/neckline, leav­ing 19 stitch­es for each shoul­der. I knit­ted only 4 short rows to shape the shoul­ders on both front and back, and after bind­ing off the stitch­es in the centre/neckline, I bound off all of the stitch­es in the shoul­ders in the next row. The front piece mea­sures 19″ and the back pieces mea­sures 21″. The fin­ished sweater mea­sures 40″ around.   

I real­ly like how it turned out :D

We’ve been hav­ing a bit of a cool sum­mer in Toron­to so far, but I’m not com­plain­ing, because it has­n’t been too hot to wear knitted/crocheted sum­mer tops! :D

Hope every­one has a love­ly, sun­shiny week!

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