from the deep, dark sea…

Have been neglecting my shop for a while (it’s a rented cubby in my friend’s gift shop). It was sparse and pitiful-looking when I went in to look for a greeting card earlier this week :’( So I plunked myself down in my studio (aka couch and coffee table) this weekend, and came up with these –

A family of deep sea creatures :D

Photo 2015-08-30, 6 59 41 PM

Close-up of “Inky and the Moon” — moonstone and crocheted squid.

Photo 2015-08-30, 6 56 16 PM

I also like to spend a lot of time writing and drawing the packaging. I hope the customers find them as amusing as I do… (Mike walked by when I was working on the cyclops and he commented, “he’s watching you!”, hence the tagline. We’re a great team :D)

Photo 2015-08-30, 6 34 26 PM

I’m actually terrified of deep water, and cannot swim to save my own life, but I’m strangely attracted to sea-related things… I have more ideas swimming in my head (haha) for sea creature brooches and such, looking forward to making them in the upcoming weekends (or maybe even during the week if I can conjure up the energy)!

Hope you have a fantastic week!



8 thoughts on “from the deep, dark sea…

  1. I love these Trish! The “Inky and the Moon” in particular is my favourite :) I think some jellyfish ones would be amazing!

  2. Trish, these are ever so cute! Good designing you’re clever. Hey, I have the same studio plus my easy chair and often has to be my tiny kitchen’s counter as that is where the best light are and water for painting. Sorry I haven’t been commenting when I’ve enjoyed all your posts. You’re a special person!

  3. will you be selling the sea creatures with “the writing and drawing the packaging” (as in the photo of the octopus, cyclops octopus and cyclops squid) in your ETSY shop?

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