close encounter with tumbled rocks

More photos with the macro lens band.

I’ve always found agates fascinating. Especially those translucent or partly transparent stones with different layers and bits of different materials in them — like a world within itself.

I inherited a bag of tumbled/polished rocks that Mike’s grandfather had collected. They’re mostly small stones or stone chips that are about the size of my fingernail. So I thought it would be fun to try taking some macro pictures of them, to try and capture the intricate layers and inclusions and colour variations within each stone.

Photo 2016-03-05, 2 24 32 PM

Here’s one with my finger in the picture for scale.

Photo 2016-03-05, 2 22 57 PM

I think these are amethysts.

Photo 2016-03-05, 2 27 00 PM

Photo 2016-03-05, 2 29 44 PM

And this might be a moss agate? Looks like seaweed in the ocean.

Photo 2016-03-05, 2 31 14 PM

Photo 2016-03-05, 2 28 48 PM

Aren’t these beautiful? I hope to make them into pendants one day.

On a separate note, have you seem the comics by Sarah Andersen? They’re the BEST!! Probably because I identify so much with the main character. But check it out on Instagram and other places if you haven’t read them!

So I recently bought her new book, Adulthood is a Myth, which is so wonderfully hilarious and cute and I’ve read it cover to cover 3 times already. And look, it’s got a fuzzy sweater on the cover!

Photo 2016-03-06, 10 08 07 AM


Wishing everyone a great start to the week!


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  1. Thanks Patricia! :D Now I just need to figure out a way to make pendants of them without having them drilled… because I don’t know how :P

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