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I have such odd­ly shaped feet, it’s quite dif­fi­cult to buy shoes that are com­fort­able. Shoe-shop­ping is always a time-con­sum­ing ordeal. So I thought, maybe I’d cro­chet my own shoes! That way I could make them cus­tom fit and comfortable!

I have no idea how to make shoes, but I thought for sure there’d be pat­terns on Etsy, so I looked, and came across a pat­tern by Wild­flower and Sage. I love that it includes instruc­tion for mak­ing the shoes out­doors ready. There actu­al­ly aren’t very many like this one out there.

Was very excit­ed, went out and bought all the mate­ri­als right after I down­loaded the pat­tern :D I could­n’t find hemp (which is what the pat­tern called for) at the local Michaels and Home Depot, so I bought #48 jute, and start­ed on the soles…

Photo 2016-06-25, 4 59 25 PM

Jute is actu­al­ly kind of hard to cro­chet with, and I had to use a larg­er hook than called for. No won­der the pat­tern called for hemp. Oh well. I just took lots of breaks in between so my wrists don’t get too sore.

So final­ly I fin­ished mak­ing the two soles. If I make them again I prob­a­bly will fol­low the pat­tern for reg­u­lar width rather than instruc­tion for wide, since I had to use a larg­er hook. I think wide was too wide. But it’s still ok! There I am water­proof­ing the soles by lath­er­ing them in sil­i­con caulk. The fume was stronger than I thought. Ven­ti­la­tion is imperative.

Photo 2016-06-26, 11 57 13 AM

Slow­ly work­ing on the straps, try­ing them on as I go so the strap place­ments feel right :D I made the insoles with Bernat Mak­er Home Decor, which feels kind of like a t‑shirt yarn.

Photo 2016-06-26, 8 03 54 PM

And here they’re, fin­ished :D

Photo 2016-06-29, 12 31 21 PM

They’re actu­al­ly real­ly quite com­fort­able! I think I made the straps on the right shoe too tight though, they keep push­ing my foot for­ward out of the san­dals. But maybe as I keep wear­ing them and the straps stretch the prob­lem will cor­rect itself.

Side view…

Photo 2016-06-29, 12 32 08 PM

I’m quite hap­py with them! Will find an oppor­tu­ni­ty to test them out out­side sometimes!

Photo 2016-06-29, 12 34 22 PM

It’s real­ly an excel­lent pat­tern, high­ly rec­om­mend it! :D

Hope every­one have a hap­py rest of the week!



8 thoughts on “hey jute

  1. I’m so glad they worked out for you!
    I have found hemp to be much eas­i­er to work with than the jute but hard­er to find. It is used in jew­el­ery mak­ing so I’ve found it at the hob­by store in the jew­el­ery sec­tion. I’ve also found it on ama­zon. Thanks so much for try­ing out my pat­tern and fea­tur­ing it on your blog!

  2. WOW! you con­stant­ly amaze me with your cre­ativ­i­ty. Although I real­ly like what you have done, I will stick to my KEENS which have good sup­port for high-arched feet.

  3. thanks Patri­cia! i love keens as well! have been wear­ing keens sneak­ers for almost a decade now, would­n’t go for any oth­er brand :D

  4. Ces san­dales sont orig­i­nales et très jolies. En plus, elles sem­blent bien con­fort­a­bles. Je vous souhaite de pou­voir les porter tout l’été. Ici en France, sauf dans le sud du pays, il pleut presque tous les jours depuis plusieurs mois alors il vaut mieux se chauss­er avec.…des bottes en caoutchouc!!

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