square cat

Stumbled upon this adorable granny square cat pattern on Instagram by Suregal27 — have to share it! :D

This is the one I made, I love how it looks kind of annoyed, like the way cats often do :D

Photo 2016-07-24, 2 29 50 PM

Now I want to make a bunch of other ones with different fur colours!

If you want to make one too, search for #grannysquarecat on Instagram, scroll to the bottom and you’ll find a photo tutorial.

Happy square-cat-making! :D


6 thoughts on “square cat

  1. Votre square cat est ravissant. Je suis allée sur Instagram mais je n’ai pas réussi à trouver le tuto! J’aime beaucoup les chats, nous avons 2 minettes Vinciane et Uranie qui font notre bonheur.

  2. Merci pour votre réponse Trish. J’ai essayé à nouveau mais.…çà ne marche pas!. Je suis bien descendue jusqu’au bas de la page, mais pas de tuto, page suivante non plus, dommage.

  3. hmm, that’s unfortunate! but i’m not sure why, because it works on my computer and phone. but when i first click on the link the page doesn’t show all the pictures, i have to scroll to the bottom and then click “load more” (in a circle at the bottom of the page), wondering if you’ve already tried that too?

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