it’s not easy being green

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It’s actually a really easy pattern, it just reminds me of Kermit’s song :D

I spotted the Kawasaki pattern by Crafty Queens on Ravelry, and I loved the geometric fillet crochet eyelets around the sleeves and the edge of the sweater. It’s a simple and brilliant design, and a very quick make.

I used the “leaf green” of Premier Cotton Fair, because it’s the only DK weight cotton yarn that’s available at my local Michaels and it’s relatively affordable. It turns out to be very soft and smooth, and the finished garment quite breathable, just a bit splitty while working with it, but will definitely use it again.

I wore it to a family function in which I was entrusted with the task of taking pictures of the guests at the photo booth and throughout the event, so I didn’t have a chance to take a picture with the new sweater except in the bathroom. Never have I thought I’d take a bathroom selfie, but this bathroom’s got some retro wallpaper that goes really well with my retro outfit. And if I didn’t tell you that this was a bathroom, you would’ve never guessed, would you? :P

Photo 2016-08-12, 9 55 02 PM

(I also made the skirt a couple of years ago :D)

Closeup of the eyelets on the sweater. Mike’s awesome cousin took this picture of us at the photo booth :D (We made the crepe paper background!)

Photo 2016-08-12, 9 35 16 PM (1)

Have a good week everybody! :D


8 thoughts on “it’s not easy being green

  1. Thanks so much Kate! Colour was inspired by the original pattern and because that was the only colour left on the shelf with enough skeins for the project :P I’m happy it worked out!

  2. I’m so in love with your version! I think I will make another just with the top eyelet section, thank you for the inspiration :) xo Carmen

    ps. funny story: your dumpling pattern was actually one of the first patterns I ever crocheted, it’s so fun that you’ve made one of mine now too! :)

  3. thanks so much for your lovely pattern! i’m glad you like the dumplings :D will keep a look out for more patterns from you!

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