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I have a weak­ness for spark­ly things. A cou­ple of years ago I shared a tuto­r­i­al for mak­ing spark­ly ear­rings with but­tons. After being inspired by these ear­rings by Hap­pi­ness is Cre­at­ing, AND final­ly buy­ing myself a bot­tle of Mod Podge Dimen­sion­al Mag­ic (with a Michaels 50% off one reg­u­lar item coupon), I found a new and improved way of mak­ing spark­ly ear­rings :D

I used:

1 clean kitchen sponge

4mm ear­ring posts with backings

spark­ly nail pol­ish (I got a Sal­ly Hansen “Ice Queen” and a “Big Teal” from the dol­lar store)

Mod Podge Dimen­sion­al Magic

a dash of patience

1. Stick the ear­ring posts into the sponge so it stands upright

2. Apply a coat of spark­ly nail pol­ish to the posts (I put the teal one on first). Let dry for half hour (this is where the patience comes in… there’re lots of small steps with long stretch of wait­ing in between)


3. Repeat step 2 a cou­ple more times.

4. When the nail pol­ish is com­plete­ly dried (I sug­gest dry­ing overnight after final coat, because the nail pol­ish does build up to a bit of a dome on its own, and while the top lay­er has hard­en, the lay­ers under­neath may remain soft and take a while to dry), apply dimen­sion­al mag­ic, wait a cou­ple of hours, apply sec­ond coat to cre­ate as full of a dome shape as pos­si­ble with­out the glaze run­ning over.

5. Let dry overnight, and it’s done! :D

Here’s a super macro pic­ture of them…


I’m not sure if Mod Podge is water­proof so I would avoid wear­ing them in the show­er. But I’m quite hap­py with how they turned out :) I like that they’re a lot small­er than my oth­er spark­ly ear­rings tutorial.


Have a bright and beau­ti­ful weekend!