weekend quick make, with hex nuts!

Came across a book on mak­ing jew­el­ry with hard­ware store mate­r­i­al one day, was curi­ous about what peo­ple make with hex nuts, and spent an evening look­ing at all the dif­fer­ent hex nut tuto­ri­als. Espe­cial­ly love this bril­liant ear­ring idea from Cafe Craftea.

Final­ly went to Cana­di­an Tire on my lunch break one day and picked up the small­est hex nuts I could find.

I sim­ply glued the hex nut onto a 4mm ear­ring post with some E6000 and let it cure over night. Very sim­ple. Made a pair with­out glit­ter because I like the slight­ly steam­punk look :D


And for the glit­ter ear­rings, I glued the hex nuts onto the ear­ring posts like the plain ones, then I filled the hex nuts with a bit of glit­ter nail pol­ish with the help of a tooth­pick. Once the nail pol­ish is dried, I applied a lay­er of Mod Podge Dimen­sion­al Mag­ic to seal it, also with a toothpick.


Quite hap­py with how they turned out :D

Have a good week­end everyone!


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  1. Trés jolies et orig­i­nales ces boucles d’or­eilles. Je ne sais pas si c’est réalisable,mais selon le même principe, je ver­rais bien une bague et un pen­den­tif? Qu’en pensez vous ?

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