A brief shop announcement

I’m travelling to the land of Dim Sum and Chinese Greens! :D

Since I won’t be able to fill and ship orders while I’m away, and I really need to spend the next few days packing and organizing things before we leave on a jet plane, I have to temporarily close my shop starting today. I felt a bit sad doing it, but I imagine visiting a different country and seeing new sceneries will inspire new ideas for the shop when I get back :D

The shop will reopen on Monday, Nov.29. My listings won’t be visible on my Etsy page while the shop is closed, but you can check out some of the tiny plushes I have listed so far here, if you’d like.

Thank you for visiting!



A last-minute shop update

Made a few more things for the shop, but they will only be around for a couple of days before I close the shop for 3 weeks on Sunday! (I’ll be travelling to Hong Kong) Since the shop will be closed for most of November, I made these with “holiday cheers” in mind, in case anyone wants to make early orders for Christmas…

Meet Snow Mushroom! :D

So, when I make something there’s often a story running in the back of my head. It’s totally imaginary, but the Snow Mushrooms are called the Snow Mushrooms because they’re supposed to be woodland creatures that appear on snow days to spread holiday cheers with their sparkly caps. Yes. Snow mushrooms also like to hang out in a group of 3…

Along with a delightful s’more, with rosy cheeks! :D S’more doesn’t really have a story to tell. He thinks just being cute is enough. Period.

Feel free to visit them at the shop before they temporarily retire on Sunday October 31! But don’t worry, they’ll be back on Monday November 29.


Announcing… genuine mudpie, the Etsy shop! :D


I usually don’t write 2 posts in one day but this is exciting — I finally set up my very own Etsy shop!!! :D :D :D

I have been wanting to set up a shop since I first saw it in 2006! My friends have also been urging me whenever they request Christmas orders of crocheted magnets and pins (and by “they,” I mean Kitty. Wouldn’t have been able to do this without your long-time support and encouragement, friend!).

And so that’s why I changed the header! Just wanted it to reflect more of what I do and so it would match the shop banner. I really do like watercolour but I think I like crocheting plushes more :P

Setting up the shop actually took much longer than I thought — lots to think about in terms of policies and shipping and stuff. I’m kind of nervous about it… will test it out to see how it goes!

So! I put up some Monstermallow pins. The one above is one of them. I was so tempted to keep one for myself… but I guess I’ll just make another one later, so the shop is well-stocked!

And here are the other plushes in the shop! They’re ideas that I’ve been waiting to test out, like the All-Day Dim Sum.

I thought I must make the most popular item from my previous designs (and by most popular I mean my friend Kitty’s ordered it two years in a row) — the bok choy! For the shop I’ve made it into a set with another leafy Chinese vegetable, the choy sum.


Mike is again a great help in setting up the shop. He set up the photo-shoot and took all the awesome-looking photos with his super camera!

I hope you’ll pay the shop a visit! :D