relishing summer

Stumbled upon a farmers market in the neighbourhood where I used to go to school, it even has a cafe! So I’ve made it a goal to visit when it opens every Wednesday, get some vegetables for the week, stop by the cafe (that is also part of the farmer’s market), and take some time to draw. Like I did when we were on our trip to Chicago :D I’m foreseeing a very busy September, so it’s nice to have the time to relish summer.

Photo 2013-07-31 6 52 16 PM

Treasures from the earth! Rainbow chard — unicorns’ favourite vegetables! :D But contrary to what I thought and what the farmer seemed to be telling me, rainbow chard isn’t a species in itself, it’s actually a mix of different kinds of chard. But anyway, I’ve never had chard and it was very sweet.

Photo 2013-07-31 7 32 36 PM

We sautéed the chard and the radish together :D

Photo 2013-07-31 4 36 30 PM

And here’s the drawing I made at the cafe. About sharing space, sharing resources and supporting each others’ growth.

Photo 2013-07-31 3 44 28 PM

The farmers market is in front of a church and the cafe is inside the nice courtyard of the church. I should take more pictures of it next week.

John Street Farmers Market! I highly recommend visiting if you’re in the neighbourhood :D

May your week be filled with simple joys.



perler bead earrings


After posting about the perler bead earrings several days ago, I immediately made a pair :D They look so sweet! And so quick to make. Kind of have a lacy look to them.

It was a very small craft project but it made me really happy. There are so many things that I want to make and I post them on this blog, but I rarely make any of them.

The next day Mike and I went to Greg’s Ice Cream :D mmm crunchy malt.

Wishing everyone an awesome start to the week!


april flowers


I love blooming trees. They make the city look happy and new.




The African violet on my desk is doing really well this spring — look at this bouquet! It’s really too generous, I rarely fertilize it (I do talk to it though), but every time I trim the leaves it produces more flowers.


And tulips are out in the nearby park!


And a very cool floating flower table decor at a cafe Mike and I went to.


And they had starry ceiling lights.


Wishing you a great start to the week! :D



from the lake

Inspired by an idea I saw on Pinterest a while ago — using white ink on dark rocks — I painted these a few days ago. I found the stones by Lake Huron in the summer. 

This one is inspired by the barnacles I saw in Hong Kong on the rocks by the seashore. The stone has some fossilized corals in it.


This one has a tiny shell embedded in it :D


I painted the outline with white acrylic and a tiny Chinese calligraphy brush, and then coloured inside the shapes with fine tip markers.

On a separate note, today Toronto saw the first official snowfall of the season! It was the feathery kind of snow too and it stayed on the branches for a while. The red berry bush I showed you the other day looked gorgeous covered in snow, but I left my camera at home! Oh well… maybe it will snow again tomorrow…

Happy Thursday, everyone!


november movember

Can’t believe it’s almost the end of November! 

Mike’s been fundraising for Movember, and last night while video-chatting with my sister and my parents on Google+ I noticed a new mustache feature! XD (It’s kind of a face recognition thing where the mustache follows the person’s face on the screen.)

So the screen shot above is me with a fake ‘stache and Mike with a real ‘stache. There are even different kinds of mustache…


FUN! :D Do give it a try if you use Google+!

Speaking of November, I celebrated my birthday last week. Mike made me a cake :D


… and he got me a plush llama! (the chicken noodle soup was just randomly thrown in there for the photo…)

I’ve been wanting a plush llama for a long time! Mike’s the best :D

A couple more weeks and we’re into December! I usually start Christmas crafting around October, but have been too busy with school this year. I can’t wait till the semester ends in the second week of December — I’ll be doing nothing but crafting, drinking tea and eating Toffifee. Mmm. 

Have you started Christmas crafting yet? 

Wishing you a happy Wednesday!




river stone

I was inspired by the long chain necklaces that a friend always wears. So while down on Queen Street West for a school project last week, I quickly stopped by my favourite bead store to look at their stone pendants. 

I bought this one because it reminded me of Niagara Falls — the emerald green algae underneath, the rocks on the cliff, the gush of waters roaring down.


It’s drilled through the middle lengthwise so I put a piece of wire through, made a double-loop at the top for the chain and a coil at the bottom to secure it. Not sure if that makes sense… my brain’s kind of fried after a day of writing… here’s the back of it so you can see what I mean…


I also didn’t have one long chain so I linked two together, like so…




Makes me happy to look at it because it reminds me of water, and the wonders of creation. It’s the small things that help me get through crunch time >_<

Hope you’re having a good weekend!



those crafty squirrels

Following the post about my leaf drawing of squirrels and acorns earlier today, Mike found an interesting article about red squirrels decorating their nests! :D

Red squirrels decorate their pile of food supply (spruce cones, in this case) with paper…


… leaves and grass…


… and moss.


An overview of a large pile of cones decorated with paper and other found objects…


A bounty of butternut and cones! :D


And our friend, the red squirrel, stopping for lunch.




today’s awesome finds!


My mom gave me a box of craft supplies that someone else gave to her, and in the large box of supplies there was a small box of buttons. I just tucked the box of buttons into my craft drawer for the longest time and only today did I look through it. There were these delicious-looking green and pink buttons just begging to be made into something, but I didn’t know what… and then I went browsing on Pinterest and guess what I found? This post on Homemaker’s Journal about making buttoned bobby pins! It’s such a simple idea but it’s absolutely perfect.

I’m in the process of trying to grow out my bangs so I use bobby pins to keep my hair out of my face, and having a nice buttoned bobby pin rather than a plain old bobby pin really brightened my day. It’s the small things, you know? :D


Also in the box of buttons was this antique Hong Kong $5 coin, from 1976!

It’s a decagon! (new word I learned today thanks to Google :D) Nowadays $5 are round, I’ve never seen a 10-sided $5 coin! And here’s the queen on the flip side, of course.


That was in the morning. So then I thought, I must wear one of these pretty button bobby pins out somewhere. I planned to visit the thrift store sometimes this week for some back-to-school clothing. I was debating whether I should just take it easy at home or venture out. The bobby pin gave me the motivation to go out (it’s the small things, really).

And guess what?

The thrift store was having a one-day 50% off clothing sale!

So with under $20 I got 4 dress shirts and a cardigan. I was really happy with the dress shirts, which aren’t all that exciting but something I need for work-related occasions (I’ve learned that adding a cardigan doesn’t really make a graphic tee look more professional). But the cardigan needed some work, because it was too big. (I wish I had taken a “before” photo with me wearing it).

I wanted a neutral colour cardigan for a couple of upcoming weddings, and I do like this one because of its lace pattern and the delicate-looking collar. It was a size-large.

So I took in the sides and the sleeves…

… and cut 5.5″ off the hem, and then re-hemmed it…

… and TA-DA! A cropped cardigan! :D


I’m quite happy with it, though I didn’t know how it was going to turn out because I’ve never sewn sweaters with the sewing machine before. I was a bit concerned that it would all stretch out. But over all it didn’t stretch much. The cardigan was just kind of shaped funny… it was kind of twisting (you might be able to see that a bit in the picture) and wouldn’t lie flat when I tried to line up the seams. But I think it looks alright! :D

Oooh, and check this out…

The tag on the cardigan was all bunched up so I had to stretch it out and pin it like a butterfly specimen to take a photo (because the tag says “no ironing”, I think). But can you see that it says it’s made of 20% polyester and 80% acetate

I did not know that one could make clothing out of acetate. By acetate does it mean acrylic? Hmm. I wonder how old this sweater is…

Other awesome find today that’s not pictured: tikka masala chips! Mmm curry.

Have a wonderful day, friends!






weekend wonders

This past weekend we visited my parents. My dear sister is heading to grad school in Hong Kong (!) for a year and she is leaving later this week, so it was good to spend the weekend with her.

But everyone was busy in the morning so Mike and I went off to have Hong Kong diner-style breakfast special, with really runny eggs and extra strong tea. (Next time I’ll have to request that the eggs be more cooked :S)


Later in the afternoon we picked heirloom yellow tomatoes from my parents’ tomato bush. 

It took me a while to spot some in the bush, but they weren’t ripe.


My mom, on the other hand, had found quite a few in a minute or two.


It’s really not easy to spot the ripe tomatoes, given the size of the tomato bush. But I think Mike found one here.


Then we went to the Chinese mall to find Angry Birds capsule toy machine! :D


Capsule toy machines are definitely one of my favourite things!

Though I kind of cheated here… Mike got the yellow woodpecker from the machine and I got the white egg-shaped bird, but my very favourite was the blue ice birds. The shop that owns the capsule toy machines also sells the Angry Birds plushes out of the machine, but charges a bit more, of course, for the convenience of choosing specific ones to buy. *sigh* I’m such a sucker for plushes.




Happy Monday, everyone!