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  1. hello just found your site and the piece of cake wow its so great too put on this 11 years old too be in May hopeing i can make it as i am new at crochet i love your site your so artistic too renee sometimes have senior moments might need help thanx renee

  2. Love your tutorial on how to make a fish from plastic, ideal material for it, recycling too! I had a white and red fish who was similarly ill fated when I was little. Love your site, keep up the good work!

  3. glad you like the cake slice, renee! feel free to send me a note if you need any clarification for the pattern! happy crafting!

  4. Oh Trish, I LOVE your site. I publish an Australian registered arts quarterly and adore paper, books,letterpress, the fine arts of embroidery, knitting, crochet, animals real or made from fabric and wool,:-) and writing letters and words of any kind. My daughter sent me this site and I’ve spent many a long time poring over all the gorgeous, innovative, funky and fun projects you make. You site has heart and warmth and I love that! Don’t stop! Lu x

  5. Oh my goodness, I LOVE your ginko leaves. I’m going to try that! AND…why don’t you try some gelatin printing. Just make up 2 heaped tablespoons with 1/2 a cup of almost boiling water in a jug. Stir gently til dissolved then top up with cold water until there is 500ml. Stir to mix then pour this into a tray 30cm x 18cm (double the mixture if you have a larger tray). Allow the gelatin to set in the fridge for a couple of hours. NOW…magic will happen, Trish. :-) Remove tray from fridge. Using your acrylic paint — YES, acrylic — and a brayer, spread paint over the surface. Place a leaf, a feather, your hand…leave items there. Put a piece of paper on top and run your hands over the surface to print. Remove. now do a 2nd print on another sheet with the ghost image. wow, it will be beautiful. (look up gelatin printing on youtube for more ideas. Show us your efforts!)Lu x

  6. Thank you for your great website. So many funny things. I should work at the moment but I can‘t stop browsing your site. I‘ve told my friends about your site and I will made a few of this monster-bookmarks. A nice day from germany, Sven

  7. Hi Trish, I was looking for the 10-sided HK $5 coin and Google sent me here! If you don’t mind parting with the coin, please email me. Cheers. :D

  8. Trish, the Plush Clutch, do you have any idea how much yarn of each skein is needed? Yikes, I have so much yarn, but I don’t know how much I’ll need to complete the project. I’d hate to be just about finished, and find myself not having enough of one color. Hope you can help. Thanks

  9. Hi truly love love the fin in all its colors . oh HAPPY 4th OF JULY HOPE ITS A GOOD ONE for you and family/friend’s

  10. Trish,
    Oh my what cute stuff u make wish u lived near me so we could hang out & put our heads together on crochet & crafting.I teach beginning crochet and jewelry making at a local cafe. My daughter found your plastic crochet fish & sent it to me I just finished it tonite was the cutest little fishy ever! She want several & will be hanging them about her bathroom. Love the recycle idea are u on pintrest if not please add some of your cute things out there for others to share! Such talent u have my friend keep it up!

  11. thank you so much for visiting, mona! it is so cool that you teach crochet — i wish i could do that someday! i’m not on pinterest… yet! :D will surely let everyone know if i decide to get on it!

  12. thank you so much for being on the look out! i checked out the link and the pattern that’s for sale is quite different from my peas pattern, so it’s all good :D

  13. Hi,

    I just read your whole blog start to finish over the last few days, it’s wonderful! I really want to come live with you and learn how to do great things every day :D
    I think this was my favourite . http://genuinemudpie.ca/2011/02/18/if-pain/

    You’ve inspired me to go to crochet classes, and buy some air plants! Don’t ever stop updating your blog, you have so much talent.

  14. Hello Trish!
    I downloaded Episode 1 and 2—question: are there more episodes ? If so, where are they? I’m sorry–I’m just getting used to your website and your creativity! I know you must hear it all the time, but they are so cute!
    Hiromi :)

  15. thanks so much Hiromi! there are only two sushi episodes so far, but there could be more in the future if i come up with more ideas! all of my patterns are in the “tutorials” section of the blog :D happy crocheting!

  16. today I saw the toasty blanket …I just had to smile..what a cute idea and I learned you are a punster!

  17. Hey Trish!

    I’m interested in your plush clutch and was wondering if you’re recently making those and sell it? Please let me know!!

  18. Thanks for visiting Alexandra, and thank you for your interest in the plush clutch! I no longer make it for sale though. Sorry about that!

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