moth patch

Was look­ing for a per­fect moth patch for my jeans jack­et but could­n’t find one that I liked, so I decid­ed to cro­chet one!

Made with a 2.5mm hook and some sport weight cot­ton. I made the two larg­er wings and the mid­dle part sep­a­rate­ly, then sewed them togeth­er. I used a lot of fab­ric glue on the back to stick down the yarn ends. It was a fun one evening project!

Here it is on my jeans jack­et :D

Hap­py June!



It’s final­ly done! :D :D :D

It’s prob­a­bly the most com­pli­cat­ed knit­ting project I’ve tried yet! But it was tons of fun, and the pat­tern actu­al­ly leaves a lot of room for cus­tomiza­tion and alter­ing stitch pat­terns. Like the garter stitch ridges I have on one sleeve, and the cou­ple of rows of stock­inette at the bot­tom of the sweater.

Mike made this while edit­ing the pho­tos *laugh­ing with tears emoticon*

Indeed! It used up a lot of my very old stash. I actu­al­ly inher­it­ed scraps of the var­ie­gat­ing orange, pur­ple and blue from my mom, who prob­a­bly bought the yarn in the late 90s.

I’ve nev­er read Ursu­la Le Guin’s Earth­sea series, only saw the ani­mat­ed adap­ta­tion by Stu­dio Ghi­b­li, but thought it’s a fit­ting name for the sweater with its shape and colours. I’d like to read the books one day.

Wish­ing you a fan­tas­tic week!


this week’s awesome finds

Also nice for lay­er­ing in the fall with a fuzzi­er yarn I think! Beach robe by Two of Wands.


Cheer­ful origa­mi cac­ti, links to dia­gram in Blue­bells Design’s post!


The cutest chairs have paws. Pat­tern from Let’s Knit (email signup required to download).


This is inge­nious! A jel­ly­fish cap for air plant by One Dog Woof.


This cat sweater! Paid pat­tern by Knit Picks.


Looks like a speedy project and super squishy. Bun­ny slip­pers by Per­sia Lou.


Bril­liant egg cozies for sum­mer brunch-time. I love the pom pom flow­ers :) By Twinkie Chan.


For us cat admir­ers who’re aller­gic, the cozi­ness of a cat scarf with­out a real cat! From A Beau­ti­ful Mess.

Hap­py week­end, everyone!


wip monday

About a week ago I fin­ished the body of the Enchant­ed Mesa sweater! 

And I’ve been work­ing on the sleeves since. I decid­ed to knit them flat, because while I was try­ing to find a tuto­r­i­al about pick­ing up stitch­es for sleeves and using the mag­ic loop at the same time, I read on a blog that knit­ting small cir­cum­fer­ence while drag­ging the entire sweater around and around is a pain. And the time it takes to fid­dle with the stitch­es with a mag­ic loop would prob­a­bly be the same as seam­ing the sleeves lat­er. I can total­ly imag­ine that. 

The one sleeve has dif­fer­ent colour stripes, the oth­er has garter ridges. I’m cur­rent­ly work­ing on the last cou­ple of inch­es of the sec­ond sleeves! :D

Have a hap­py week!


tea runs in my veins

I got a new clear phone case and was for a long time look­ing for the per­fect decal to put on the phone. I want­ed either a pile of cats or one sim­ple black cat, but I could­n’t find any­thing I liked with the right size. So one day I just got frus­trat­ed and decid­ed to make my own. I got some origa­mi paper and a clunky util­i­ty knife and was just going to exper­i­ment, but this crea­ture appeared. It has the per­fect grumpy look!

And I sand­wiched it between the phone case and the phone :D

I thought he’d also make a nice desk­top com­pan­ion. So I asked Mike to make a few wall­pa­pers to share :)





I think the phone one works best on the lock screen. Just click on the size you want to save the image.* 

To quote Dr. Ogden from Mur­doch Mys­ter­ies: “The brain requires a con­stant flow of oxygen..or tea!”

Have a hap­py week­end, everyone!


*A friend­ly reminder: my images are for per­son­al use only, please don’t repost the images with­out cred­it­ing this blog, and please absolute­ly don’t sell the images. 

hanami in the city

It’s the most mag­i­cal time of the year. The trees are bloom­ing, the sun is shin­ing, every­one’s out enjoy­ing extend­ed day­light. Spring is here! :D

Every year we try going to High Park to enjoy the cher­ry blos­soms. There were hard­ly any blooms last year because of unusu­al win­ter weath­er, but it seems to be mak­ing up for it this year with full blooms on sun­ny days. Aren’t they just magnificent?

I’ve been see­ing these cords tied to tree branch­es every­where. I think once upon a time I looked up the mean­ing of it, but can’t be sure now. I would guess that they rep­re­sent wish­es or prayers, or they just look nice on the trees? If any­one know what they are for can you make a com­ment and let me know?

Our tra­di­tion is to have a pic­nic under a cher­ry tree. This year’s pic­nic is a bit makeshift because we were com­ing from work (an attempt to avoid crowds on a week­day evening — not so suc­cess­ful. Oh well.), with dis­count­ed end-of-day sushi and Vita­soy and a taro roll, but it was still the best date night ever :)

We even met the res­i­dent swan!

Hap­py May! Hap­py spring! :D