new summer knit :D

Photo 2015-06-27, 10 57 50 AM

Recent­ly fin­ished this sum­mery top :D The Yamamichi-mon tee on Ravelry.

I used a vin­tage yarn that I inher­it­ed called Bou­quet Cindy Cot­ton Look. I thought the tex­ture of the yarn would work well with the design of the sweater. It’s worsted/light worsted weight, and I used 7mm needles.

So to com­pen­sate for the much larg­er nee­dle and heav­ier yarn, I cast on 76, then when divid­ing for the shoul­ders and the neck, I bound off 36 stitch­es in the centre/neckline, leav­ing 19 stitch­es for each shoul­der. I knit­ted only 4 short rows to shape the shoul­ders on both front and back, and after bind­ing off the stitch­es in the centre/neckline, I bound off all of the stitch­es in the shoul­ders in the next row. The front piece mea­sures 19″ and the back pieces mea­sures 21″. The fin­ished sweater mea­sures 40″ around.   

I real­ly like how it turned out :D

We’ve been hav­ing a bit of a cool sum­mer in Toron­to so far, but I’m not com­plain­ing, because it has­n’t been too hot to wear knitted/crocheted sum­mer tops! :D

Hope every­one has a love­ly, sun­shiny week!

yarn-filled day of adventure ahead! :D

Hey every­one! This is awe­some! :D


The TTC Kni­ta­long!

If you live in/near Toron­to and haven’t got plans yet for Sat­ur­day August 22, here’s a yarn-filled day of adven­ture! I just found out about this by chance today and have nev­er par­tic­i­pat­ed before, but I thought it is the most AWESOME idea and reg­is­tered right away :D

You can find out more about how it work­s here. But basi­cal­ly, peo­ple trav­el in teams on dif­fer­ent routes to vis­it dif­fer­ent yarn stores in the city, knit­ting (and cro­chet­ing too I’m sure!), shop­ping, eat­ing, and mak­ing new friends :D I also hear that there will be tote bags with knitting/yarn swag, dis­counts and prizes. AND!! Pro­ceeds from the reg­is­tra­tion fee go to Sis­ter­ing, a fan­tas­tic women-cen­tered agency that is very close to my heart. Reg­is­tra­tion costs $15 and it starts today, and sev­er­al teams are full already, so if you’re inter­est­ed reg­is­ter for a spot soon!

It will be great to meet you there :) Have a great week, everyone!


tiny sushi, episode two!



Today we’re going to make tiny nigiri :D

Here is my hand in the pic­ture for scale…

Photo 2015-05-30, 10 23 30 PM

It only con­sists of 8 rows alto­geth­er, so it’s a super quick make. The assem­bly instruc­tion sounds more com­pli­cat­ed than it actu­al­ly is. I will be using some origa­mi terms in hopes that it will make it a bit eas­i­er to under­stand, but as always please feel free to drop me a note if you want clarifications :)

I used:

A bit of light worsted weight yarn in white and oth­er nigiri colours (I was using a var­ie­gat­ed orange for salmon and yel­low for egg)

3mm hook

A bit of black yarn (option­al — if adding sea­weed wrapping)

What I did:

*turn­ing ch does not count as a stitch.

Row 1: with white, leav­ing 12″ tail for sewing in the begin­ning, ch 3, sc in sec­ond ch from hook, sc in next ch, turn.

Rows 2–4: ch 1, sc in each of next 2 sc, turn.

Rows 5 (this will be the right side): fas­ten off white, switch to nigiri colour, ch 1, sc in each of next 2 sc in back loop only, turn.

Rows 6–8: ch 1, sc in each of next 2 sc, turn. Fas­ten off at the end of row 8, leav­ing long tail for sewing.


Here’s where some origa­mi moves might be handy… we’re just going to need val­ley fold and moun­tain fold:




So, we’ve cro­cheted a nar­row strip. With right side fac­ing, val­ley fold one of the short ends to the mid­dle of the strip. The mid­dle of the strip is marked by the “ridge” cre­at­ed by stitch­es cro­cheted in the back loops only (row 5). Using long yarn end, secure the fold by sewing the end to the mid­dle and sewing the side seams togeth­er. Repeat with the oth­er short end. Fas­ten off and cut the colour yarn tail, but don’t cut off the white yarn tail.

Then, still with right side fac­ing, moun­tain fold the strip in half along the mid­dle “ridge”. Secure the fold with a few stitch­es through all the lay­ers of the nigiri with the white yarn tail, being care­ful not to let the stitch­es show on the egg/salmon side. Fas­ten off, weave in ends.

If desired, wrap and tie black yarn around the nigiri to imi­tate seaweed.


They make great ear­rings and mag­net, and maybe minia­ture doll­house food?

Have an awe­some week, everyone!


weekend wonders

Thrift­ing at a Val­ue Vil­lage while vis­it­ing Mike’s home­town sev­er­al hours away from Toron­to. Found these! :D

Photo 2015-06-13, 5 41 03 PM

This is a brooch, looks like it’s enamel.

Photo 2015-06-13, 5 43 26 PM

There’s some­thing hilar­i­ous about the way he looks, I just had to take him home. Looks like a road run­ner, but it might well be a dinosaur — giv­en that appar­ent­ly most dinosaurs were feath­ered! (accord­ing to this article)

Then I did some apart­ment gar­den­ing at home, and repot­ted the suc­cu­lent we brought home from our trip to Mon­tre­al.

Photo 2015-06-14, 12 11 22 PM

I fol­lowed this tuto­r­i­al to make the dinosaur planter. The dinosaur toy was already a pret­ty bright pink, which I liked, so I did­n’t spray paint it. It did­n’t have much room for the roots, so I hope the suc­cu­lent does well in there.

I cov­ered the top with the seashells I got for the aspara­gus fern to help sta­bi­lize the plant.

Photo 2015-06-14, 12 14 11 PM

Will be back with the sec­ond part of the tiny sushi series! Stay tuned :) Hope every­one had a good week­end, wish­ing you a good start to the week!



Photo 2015-05-24, 7 51 15 PM

Made these 3 ami­gos for my shop :)

Photo 2015-06-06, 4 04 13 PM

Found the bees’ old home at my par­ents’ old home. Mes­mer­ized by its per­fect symmetry.

Photo 2015-06-07, 5 43 02 PM

Have always want­ed a fern like this, final­ly spot­ted it at a T & T Super­mar­ket the oth­er day. I love its soft­ness, such a gen­tle plant. I repot­ted it today with a lay­er of shells under­neath for drainage. I was going to use peb­bles but could only find bags of shells at the dol­lar store. Hope it does well!

And final­ly, I can show you the coolest sou­venir ever from Mon­tre­al’s Mycobou­tique, since I’ve now giv­en it to my sis­ter (and of course I bought myself one too :D)

Photo 2015-05-19, 10 23 11 PM

A mush­room night­light! Like those bio­lu­mi­nes­cent mush­rooms :D The mid­dle mush­room actu­al­ly changes colours con­tin­u­ous­ly. It makes me so hap­py look­ing at it :D

Hope every­one has a won­der­ful week!

tiny sushi, episode one!


Tiny and easy. Looks like I’ve got a bit of a theme going after the tiny donuts!

I have a cou­ple of sweater pat­terns that I’ve been hop­ing to share, but I just haven’t had the time or ener­gy to sit down and write it. So for now, tiny and easy it is :)

These are super quick to make! And they are very tiny. Here is my hand in the pic­ture for scale. They’re about 7/8″ in diameter.


I just hap­pen to have scraps of var­ie­gat­ed green and orange yarn at home, they worked beau­ti­ful­ly for avocado/cucumber and salmon.


The “pat­tern” is not at all orig­i­nal. A quick search on Rav­el­ry would yield a cou­ple of cro­chet sushi pat­tern made in the same method, like this one (inge­nious! I actu­al­ly made one for a sushi-lov­ing friend years ago), and this one. But I sup­pose the stitch count that I came up with is par­tic­u­lar to these tiny maki rolls, so I thought I’d share it. It’s also not so much a pat­tern but more like a recipe. One can eas­i­ly adjust the length and width to include more fill­ings for the maki rolls.

I used:

tiny bits of black, white and oth­er colours for desired fill­ings, in worsted or light worsted weight yarn.

3mm hook

tapes­try needle

What I did:

Note: turn­ing ch does not count as a stitch.

Row 1: Using fill­ing colour yarn, ch 3, sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in next ch, ch 1, turn.

Row 2: sc in each of next 2 sc, ch 1, turn.

Row 3: sc in each of next 2 sc, switch to white yarn, fas­ten off fill­ing yarn, ch 1.

Rows 4 — 12 (9 rows): repeat row 2. At the end of row 12, switch to black yarn, fas­ten off white yarn, ch 1.

Rows 13 — 24 (12 rows): repeat row 2. Fas­ten off, leav­ing a 10″ tail for sewing. Weave in ends.


Start­ing from the end with the fill­ing colour, roll up the strip tight­ly. Sew end of strip to the maki roll, then sew through the diam­e­ter of the maki roll in dif­fer­ent direc­tions a cou­ple of times. Fas­ten off, weave in ends.

And we’re done! Easy, right? I found it pret­ty hard to stop mak­ing them :S But what can one do with so many tiny sushi rolls? They’re very light, so great for ear­rings! I’ve made these yam roll ear­rings for the shop :D

Photo 2015-05-24, 10 33 18 PM

And I made a futoma­ki brooch sort of in a free-form style. It is list­ed in my Etsy shop — cus­tomiz­able and fresh­ly made-to-order! :D

Photo 2015-05-29, 9 17 05 PM

Photo 2015-06-02, 12 13 05 PM

And here we have it, futomaki and friends :D


But wait, we’re not done with sushi mak­ing! In our next episode we will make easy nigiri! Stay tuned! :D