I lost a knit hat I made. I’ve knit­ted two hats for myself so far and I’ve lost them both in pub­lic places. They were both per­fect spring hats, not too warm, but enough to keep my ears from freez­ing when the tem­per­a­ture is slight­ly below 0°c. I have thin and kind of flap­py ears. They freeze easily. 

So, any­way. The only way to deal with los­ing a hat is to make a new one.

Photo 2014-03-24, 9 34 27 AM


I fol­lowed this pat­tern on Rebec­ca Bee Designs. Real­ly like the asym­met­ri­cal fold­ed brim. Kind of flapper-like.

Have a hap­py rest of the week!



Photo 2014-03-17, 9 45 45 AM


The trees will bloom again, I’m sure of it. Even though it does­n’t feel that way now.

I try not to com­plain about the win­ter, because there’s noth­ing any­one can do about it. But I admit that I am get­ting mild­ly frus­trat­ed and more than a lit­tle dis­cour­aged when it feels like ‑22°c in the mid­dle of March.

So when I spot­ted these Japan­ese quince flow­ers on Attic 24 I thought I had to make them, and to wear them on my coat, to remind me of bloom­ing trees. I’ve almost for­got­ten about them, this win­ter has been so long. Bloom­ing trees are one of my favourite things.

Yes, that huge snow hill behind me is going to melt, and the trees will bloom again, I know they will.

The flow­ers are indeed very easy to make and they turn out very cute. I espe­cial­ly love the fuzzy cen­tres with the yel­low yarn.

And yes­ter­day I will­ful­ly left my snow boots at home. A bit of ice does­n’t stop me from wear­ing my spring shoes.

Photo 2014-03-17, 9 48 02 AM

 Hap­py Tues­day, wher­ev­er you are.


this week’s awesome finds

Impres­sive cat blan­ket! From As Receitas de Croche.



I love Celtic knots. Bracelet by Jen­nifer E. Ryan on Rav­el­ry.


A giant Loch Ness mon­ster stuffed toy! I want one too. Pat­tern from We Lived Hap­pi­ly Ever After.


Can’t wait to give this a try, looks doable and so deli­cious. Mush­room (and bacon!) ragout recipe by Mel­maria.


Not sure what an Adi­pose is, but he’s cute. Adi­pose plush pat­tern on Tuts+.


How awe­some are these pom pom straw­ber­ries? From Mr. Print­a­bles (there’re instruc­tions for mak­ing kiwis and water­mel­ons and oth­er fruits too!)


A beau­ti­ful ren­di­tion of the Foliage Wrap on Rav­el­ry.


Japan­ese Quince flow­ers from Attic 24. It reminds me that the trees will bloom again, very soon!


More spring flow­ers. I think this granny square will make a love­ly coast­er. From Bigu Hand­made.


Rev­oluzzzionary Mon­ster, love it’s lit­tle heart and lit­tle arms. Pat­tern by Suse Rev­oluz­za on Cut Out and Keep.


The bun­ny is so marsh­mal­lowy, and with a scarf *squeal* From the Giv­ing Bun­ny Project by Stitch Punk, a very neat idea. I love the idea of leav­ing bun­nies in pub­lic places for peo­ple to find. I would just wor­ry that the bun­nies I make would get thrown out or rained on, or even stepped on, that would be real­ly sad. Maybe I can make a few for peo­ple I know.


Have a hap­py week! :D












blue moss

Photo 3-12-2014, 11 01 49 PM

I was hop­ing to make a cozy sweater for the win­ter, kind of wor­ried for a while that I would­n’t have this done before it’s too warm to wear it. But this morn­ing was a breezy ‑27 ℃. So I still got to wear it in the mid­dle of March!

Work­ing on this sweater kept me steady for the past month. Some­thing to look for­ward to at the end of the day, even if I just got to knit a few rows before going to bed.

I fol­lowed this pat­tern, but used moss stitch through­out instead of the garter stitch in the pat­tern. Although garter stitch would look nice too, I might make anoth­er sweater with it. I also used worsted instead chunky weight yarn and 7mm nee­dles instead of 10mm, so my sweater turned out quite a bit small­er than what it’s sup­posed to, but it fits.

Have a hap­py Friday!


and the winning amigurumi is.…

Today is the day! 

I’m ran­dom­ly draw­ing an amigu­ru­mi sug­ges­tion from the com­ments every­one has left on this post, this post, and my post on Insta­gram.

I’m using the list ran­dom­iz­er on random.org. I enter all the sug­ges­tions as a list, and then the num­ber one item in the ran­dom­ized list would be the winner.

And the win­ning amigu­ru­mi is…

random march 8



An amigu­ru­mi nar­whal will be going to Amy, who made the sug­ges­tion :D

Now I just have to ask for every­one’s patience, as the fin­ished nar­whal and pat­tern will take me a lit­tle time… but it would be a great way to wel­come spring/summer by mak­ing an aquat­ic creature! 

Thank you so much every­one for your sug­ges­tions and com­ments! I’m a bit sad that I’m not able to make a pat­tern for all of the amigu­ru­mi you’ve sug­gest­ed, because they’re all great ideas and I like all of them! So I’ve decid­ed to scour the inter­web to see if these pat­terns already exist, and here they are if you want to make some of them :D (you can click on the above image to see the list of all the ani­mals suggested)

Thanks so much for the inspi­ra­tions, everyone!



capybara currently ahead of the curve

Aw, and this one is hug­ging a cat. (source)

As you may know in my last post I asked every­one what animal/creature/thing you’d like to see an amigu­ru­mi (cro­chet small plush) pat­tern for, and to leave a com­ment if you’ve got an idea. I’d then ran­dom­ly choose a com­ment this Sat­ur­day to make the cro­chet plush that’s been sug­gest­ed. The per­son who made the com­ment will receive the fin­ished cro­chet plush (I do ship inter­na­tion­al­ly), and I will write up the pat­tern and share it on the blog for all to enjoy :D

So far it looks like capy­bara has the most chance of being ran­dom­ly cho­sen, as most of the visitors/readers have sug­gest­ed it. But if you’d like a cro­chet plush of a dif­fer­ent animal/creature/thing, there’s still a chance before Sat­ur­day! You can leave a com­ment on this post or my last post.

Have a good rest-of-the-week!





I’ve been nom­i­nat­ed for a Lieb­ster Award by the won­der­ful Kirsty at Tea and Rain­bows! :D 

That made my day. Thanks so much for your thought­ful­ness Kirsty! I’ve been fol­low­ing Kirsty’s blog for a while and I’m always super impressed with her sewing projects — please hop over to check them out!

Part of the award involves answer­ing some ques­tions for Kirsty, which are so over­due now, and I’m post­ing a much abbre­vi­at­ed response to the nom­i­na­tion because of lack of time, I’m sor­ry >_< but here they are!

1. What’s your guilty plea­sure?
I eat far too much chips, some­times I think it’s not so good for me but that’s the first thing I go for after a busy day at school/work :S

2. What’s your favourite kind of fab­ric to work with?
Cot­ton! Very easy to work with and does­n’t slip all over the place.

3. Favourite ani­mal?
Llamas, capy­baras, rab­bits, giraffes, pen­guins, owls (it’s hard to name just one :P)  

4. What’s your all-time-favourite sewing pat­tern to make?
The square top! (and vari­a­tions of it, dress­es and such)

5. What one sewing tool can’t you live with­out?
Nee­dles of all sorts. I use them to sew togeth­er cro­chet and knit­ting projects as well, and embroi­der­ing details.

6. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
An artist or a paleontologist 

7. What’s the best thing that hap­pened to you today?
I got some free time to knit, and to write this blog post :D

8. What’s your favourite seam fin­ish?
I’ve only ever use straight stitch… oh wait, I tried French seam once, it was fun.

9. How long ago did you start sewing?
When I was 14.

10. If I gave you a cat, what would you name it?
Fil­bert. Or McFurson. 

11. Where do you get your sewing inspi­ra­tion from?
What I see peo­ple wear, or blogs. I like very sim­ple shapes and structures.


And now, I’ve got a ques­tion for you! I haven’t been post­ing amigu­ru­mi or cro­chet tiny plush pat­terns late­ly, part of the rea­son is that I’m hav­ing a hard time com­ing up with ideas for new things to make. I’m won­der­ing what you would like to see an amigu­ru­mi / cro­chet tiny plush pat­tern for? Please feel free to leave a comment! 

And to make it fun, I will ran­dom­ly choose a com­ment and make the animal/thing that’s sug­gest­ed in the com­ment next Sat­ur­day, and the per­son who made the com­ment will receive the fin­ished cro­chet plush :) And of course, I will post the pat­tern to share with every­one. Look­ing for­ward to hear­ing your ideas!

Have a great week, everyone!