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Thank you so much for joining the party, everyone! And thank you for sending your awesome photos! :D

Please click on the thumbnails to see larger images and descriptions of the projects.

November 2012

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17 thoughts on “craft-along gallery

  1. Trish, this was so much fun!! Such a creative group! We’ve got everything from Yetis, to flamingos, to strawberries and more!! Thanks for hosting! :)

  2. Awww thank youuuu Mike for helping! And Trish for being open to accept my silliness in crafting. ^^

    I love the little acorns! OMG! Quick! I need acorn tops!

    The flamingo got his legs this weekend, and woah… he’s a big bird. I feel like I made an art piece rather than a simple “can you make a flamingo” request! My other half thinks we should try one with three strands of yarn and an even bigger hook next!

  3. The flamingo is AMAZING! I want to make the acorns too… And that yeti… Oh, man. I’m so in for the next one if I can finish my thesis before then. =D

  4. What a lovely gallery of crafts and thanks Mike for your input.
    It was a wonderful idea and I would love to be involved again.

    Oh, Kristi, when your other half says ‘we’ should try, is he using the royal ‘we’ or does he crochet too! Your flamingo is just super.

    Thanks again, Trish.

  5. While he doesn’t crochet, the realization that I can make bigger projects (I tend to work small-ish) began to inspire all kinds of ideas; and he helps when I ask for positioning or color advice! We’ve both gotten a lot of laughs out of this bird, who happens to be sitting on a stool in the living room at the moment. There is consideration of making one with three strands of yarn and sending it in a BIG box to his mother in Florida… 

    When I take this one to the recipient I am going to buckle it into the car’s center-back-seat and take pictures too. :)

  6. Ironically, that is a picture of the pumpkin seeds when they were not yet roasted :P

    But the flamingo is indeed awesome! :D

  7. Such a fun craft along! It was so cool to see everyone’s projects. And thanks to Mike for putting the gallery together!

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