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Thank you so much for join­ing the par­ty, every­one! And thank you for send­ing your awe­some pho­tos! :D

Please click on the thumb­nails to see larg­er images and descrip­tions of the projects.

Novem­ber 2012

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17 thoughts on “craft-along gallery

  1. Trish, this was so much fun!! Such a cre­ative group! We’ve got every­thing from Yetis, to flamin­gos, to straw­ber­ries and more!! Thanks for hosting! :)

  2. Awww thank you­u­uu Mike for help­ing! And Trish for being open to accept my silli­ness in crafting. ^^

    I love the lit­tle acorns! OMG! Quick! I need acorn tops!

    The flamin­go got his legs this week­end, and woah… he’s a big bird. I feel like I made an art piece rather than a sim­ple “can you make a flamin­go” request! My oth­er half thinks we should try one with three strands of yarn and an even big­ger hook next!

  3. Thanks again for orga­niz­ing such a fun event!
    It was nice to craft-a-long with every­one from our own homes!

  4. The flamin­go is AMAZING! I want to make the acorns too… And that yeti… Oh, man. I’m so in for the next one if I can fin­ish my the­sis before then. =D

  5. What a love­ly gallery of crafts and thanks Mike for your input.
    It was a won­der­ful idea and I would love to be involved again.

    Oh, Kristi, when your oth­er half says ‘we’ should try, is he using the roy­al ‘we’ or does he cro­chet too! Your flamin­go is just super.

    Thanks again, Trish.

  6. It was fun. Thanks so much for host­ing this! If peo­ple would like to see more details on the car cad­dies, they can vis­it my Christ­mas blog for more info on how they are con­struct­ed and anoth­er picture.

  7. While he does­n’t cro­chet, the real­iza­tion that I can make big­ger projects (I tend to work small-ish) began to inspire all kinds of ideas; and he helps when I ask for posi­tion­ing or col­or advice! We’ve both got­ten a lot of laughs out of this bird, who hap­pens to be sit­ting on a stool in the liv­ing room at the moment. There is con­sid­er­a­tion of mak­ing one with three strands of yarn and send­ing it in a BIG box to his moth­er in Florida… 

    When I take this one to the recip­i­ent I am going to buck­le it into the car’s cen­ter-back-seat and take pic­tures too. :)

  8. Iron­i­cal­ly, that is a pic­ture of the pump­kin seeds when they were not yet roast­ed :P

    But the flamin­go is indeed awe­some! :D

  9. Such a fun craft along! It was so cool to see every­one’s projects. And thanks to Mike for putting the gallery together!

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