holiday (tiny) shop update!

Feel­ing a bit inspired and moti­vat­ed after vis­it­ing the One of a Kind show last week­end, I made some last minute update to my kind of dor­mant Etsy shop :D

I list­ed a very small quan­ti­ty of items at friends-and-fam­i­ly prices in order to find them good homes, I only have one of each at this time.

There’s San­ta’s Favourite milk and cook­ie orna­ment pack


This very fes­tive tiny wreath with mush­room and bell (the bell DOES ring!)…


And a few pairs of tiny sushi ear­rings. There are 3 dif­fer­ent sushi com­bo sets, you can see the oth­er sets in the list­ing.


To make sure the the orders will arrive before Decem­ber 25, please place orders before Dec. 10 for Canada/US des­ti­na­tions and before Dec. 1 (that’s in 2 days!) for inter­na­tion­al destinations.

Have a look at the gen­uine mud­pie shop if you’re look­ing for some hand­made tiny plush to spread hol­i­day cheers!

Wish­ing every­one an excel­lent rest of the week!



I haven’t writ­ten in a while, but I’ve been craft­ing day and night (lit­er­al­ly, I knit in the sub­way in the morn­ing and I chip away every night at this mas­sive cro­chet project as soon as I get home), and have made so many things, that I can’t show you because they’re Christ­mas gifts! But I promise there will be an exten­sive Christ­mas craft­ing post after the holidays!

I do want to share with you this found object art­work I made in a car­ing for self work­shop last week­end (if you can trav­el to the Toron­to area and are inter­est­ed in work­shops that explore the ther­a­peu­tic qual­i­ties of cre­ativ­i­ty and art-mak­ing, do check out Petrea’s web­site and work­shop offer­ings, some free projects there too!). I’ve always loved found object art. This one is — pearls of wis­dom ris­ing out of moss, with a mon­u­ment of past bat­tles that shape this ground, bathing in moon­light. Kind of in the same line as my last post about moss.


And this is an exer­cise about inten­tion. We think about an inten­tion that we bring to our work, and while think­ing about or med­i­tat­ing on that inten­tion, we choose dif­fer­ent yarn and things to wrap around the twig. There’s a mar­ble in the space where the twig branch­es out, to rep­re­sent clarity.


There are also oth­er neat things I learned from the work­shop, like draw­ing man­dalas, which I’m try­ing to prac­tice at work as a way to take breaks. Try­ing is the word :S But I’ll share the draw­ings when I have a few more. 

In oth­er news, I attempt­ed to carve a jel­ly fish out of an eras­er. I’ve nev­er tried this before and I think it turned out not so bad! It’s part of a hol­i­day project, which will be revealed at hol­i­day times! :D


Hap­py week­end everyone!


this week’s awesome finds

’tis the sea­son for pom poms! :D

These plum pud­ding pom poms are so darn cute!! From Fleur Berna­dine.


Not every­one likes to eat them but pom pom liquorice makes the cutest gar­land. From Love Knit­ting


The fuzzi­est, most adorable tiny birds are made of pom poms. From The Mag­ic Onions.


And with this tuto­r­i­al you can make your own pom pom Hed­wig or oth­er wiz­ardy owls. From Craft­ster.


Well, and once I got search­ing on pom poms a ton of pom pom projects start­ed show­ing up on my Pin­ter­est feed… so here’s a pom pom cac­tus from Pinch Me Beau­ti­ful.


And OMG this most explo­sive­ly joy­ous cup­cake, also from Pinch Me Beau­ti­ful.


This pos­i­tive­ly mossy pom pom wreath <3 From Work in Progress Kit.


In oth­er news… check out this GIANT cup­cake stor­age pouf! Genius! From Repeat Crafter Me.


I recent­ly dis­cov­ered c2c (cor­ner to cor­ner) cro­chet and it’s so much fun! I’m work­ing on a pret­ty giant project right now, oth­er­wise I would total­ly dig into this one. Next year def­i­nite­ly. I should start in Feb­ru­ary :) Advent cal­en­dar pat­tern also from Repeat Crafter Me.


Hap­py crafting!


keep calm and carry moss


I bought these beau­ti­ful vin­tage shad­ow box pen­dants from Etsy shop youarenot­the­bossofme to put moss in :D It turned out beau­ti­ful­ly, I’m so pleased. Looks like there are a few more of these pen­dants for sale, pop by the shop if you’re inter­est­ed in mak­ing some­thing sim­i­lar! I bought the moss from the mod­el-mak­ing sec­tion of my local art store. Or one could put in small stones or yarn or tiny shells or what­ev­er one finds mean­ing­ful to car­ry around.

I’ve always felt more con­nect­ed to water-relat­ed analo­gies — like the riv­er, or the sea, going with the flow, fill the gaps, like what Bruce Lee said,

“You must be shape­less, form­less, like water. When you pour water in a cup, it becomes the cup. When you pour water in a bot­tle, it becomes the bot­tle. When you pour water in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Water can drip and it can crash. Become like water my friend.”

One can’t make a dent in water, it can’t be hurt. 

But I’ve been feel­ing drawn to moss late­ly. Ground­ed and tena­cious. It can be pulled out of the ground and be dam­aged, but it comes back again, reach­ing and cov­er­ing even fur­ther grounds. Its roots spread wider than eyes can see. It re-emerges always after win­ter frosts.

So maybe it’s about acknowl­edg­ing the hurt rather than say­ing to myself that things don’t or should­n’t hurt. And maybe it’s about stand­ing my ground rather than fill­ing what­ev­er gaps or needs oth­ers put before me, try­ing to be every­thing to everyone. 

A bit of reflec­tion as I enter anoth­er year in my life! :D Anoth­er year wis­er, hopefully.

Thanks for vis­it­ing today!