those crafty squirrels

Fol­low­ing the post about my leaf draw­ing of squir­rels and acorns ear­li­er today, Mike found an inter­est­ing arti­cle about red squir­rels dec­o­rat­ing their nests! :D

Red squir­rels dec­o­rate their pile of food sup­ply (spruce cones, in this case) with paper…


… leaves and grass…


… and moss.


An overview of a large pile of cones dec­o­rat­ed with paper and oth­er found objects…


A boun­ty of but­ter­nut and cones! :D


And our friend, the red squir­rel, stop­ping for lunch.






This was inspired by some­thing I saw on Pin­ter­est a while ago, draw­ing on leaf with a sil­ver pen. I went and bought a sil­ver pen soon after I saw that, and found a leaf to draw on. I’ve been car­ry­ing both in my back­pack for the past few weeks but haven’t used them until yesterday.

Oak leaves are great for this because they have a kind of durable leath­ery tex­ture, and pre­serve well with­out hav­ing to be pressed. 

It’s been real­ly rainy these days, so I’m hop­ing for dri­er days to col­lect more leaves before they’re all fallen.

Think­ing of a cozy squir­rel nest with piles of leaves and acorns in it… Have a hap­py Thursday!



candy apple

Have been want­i­ng to make an infin­i­ty scarf for a while. I just real­ly like the idea of a “nev­er-end­ing” scarf, and not hav­ing to fuss with the ends of a scarf, how to tuck them in so it’s all styl­ish, how to pre­vent them from get­ting caught in my coat zipper. 

So when I saw this pat­tern on Rav­el­ry I had to make time for it, usu­al­ly half an hour before I go to bed after a day of class­es or writ­ing or reading.

The colour of can­dy apple — for fall! :D

I made it a bit nar­row­er so it’s less bulky. My short body frame does­n’t car­ry large bulky acces­sories very well. And I’m hap­py to use my new 9mm hook! I used a chunky acrylic and wool blend yarn.

I love the star burst texture…


I love the pat­tern so much that I’m mak­ing a tunic with it. A bit of an exper­i­ment and it’s going to take a while, but I’m excit­ed to see how it turns out.

Novem­ber is going to be mad­den­ing­ly busy before it all ends in Decem­ber, but mak­ing time to cro­chet real­ly helps me feel a bit hap­pi­er while I’m knee-deep in assignments.

Have a great week, everyone!



this week’s awesome finds


Knit a can­dy corn crea­ture! Pat­tern on Craft. (If you’d rather cro­chet one I have a pat­tern right here :D)


Dress and small per­son in can­dy corn :D can­dy corn one­sie how-to on The Swell Life.


Make ros­es with autumn leaves. How-to on Design Sponge.


Very cool if one knows of a glass shop that is able cut wine bot­tles in half. A set of these would make a great gift! I’m not a fan of wine, but I used to have a col­lec­tion of emp­ty bot­tles because I love the colours of them, espe­cial­ly when the sun­light is stream­ing through. Spot­ted on Fam­i­ly Chic.


I love the del­i­cate, woven tex­ture of this. Tuto­r­i­al (includ­ing instruc­tion for the card­board weav­ing device that cre­at­ed this) on Greeneyed Mon­ster.


A wash­er, some pret­ty paper, some dia­mond glaze (I saw that Mod Podge makes a “dimen­sion­al glaze” that works the same way, have to get myself a bot­tle!) and we have a pret­ty neck­lace! How-to on Lit­tle Birdie Secrets.


Pret­ti­est pleat­ed skirt I’ve seen. Might work with the fab­ric from my dis­card­ed duvet cov­er… hmm. Tuto­r­i­al on Grand Revival Designs.


And a sweet end­ing with a tuto­r­i­al for home­made rock can­dy from Glue­sticks!


Have a sweet week­end, every­one! :D



weekend wonders

It was last week­end, but I did­n’t have time to sort through the pic­tures until now… Mike and I spent an after­noon at the Dis­tillery Dis­trict for the art mar­ket! I think I’ve said it before but I would high­ly rec­om­mend going to the Dis­tillery if you’re ever in Toron­to, and espe­cial­ly if you enjoy his­toric sites! It’s just so dif­fer­ent from the rest of the city, and so much to see!

There were a num­ber of large sculptures/installations…


This is part of a much larg­er piece with clear acrylic rods. Reminds me of car­ni­val rides.


There were also old rusty cars in var­i­ous street corners…




And I love the red brick walls…



A cart full of herbs!


We had French break­fast tea at a cafe before we left. It was not as robust as the Eng­lish or Irish break­fast tea. There was sup­posed to have a hint of malt and choco­late, but I did­n’t quite get it… 



One of the things that I have been want­i­ng to learn for years is glass bead-mak­ing. There are class­es at one of the stu­dios in the Dis­tillery but they are quite expen­sive (total­ly worth the mon­ey — just out of my bud­get). But recent­ly some­one told me about this stu­dio where they teach glass fus­ing. I believe one only makes one thing but a lot more afford­able as a one-time expe­ri­ence to try my hands on work­ing with glass. Some­thing on my to-do list :D 

Have a great start to the week, friends!


yay, new hooks! :D

It’s been over a year and a half, but I’ve just spent the $25 Lion Brand gift cer­tifi­cate that Marshie won through the Crit­ter Con­test. And they’ve arrived yes­ter­day — new hooks! 

The hooks them­selves were under $10 but with ship­ping it just pret­ty much con­sumed all of the $25 cer­tifi­cate (isn’t that mind-bog­gling?). But I’m so excit­ed about the hooks! I had no hooks in between size 6mm and 16mm before, so now I can work on projects that call for 6.5mm, 9mm or 10mm hooks!

Not sure what I’ll make yet… but just think­ing about the pos­si­bil­i­ties is mak­ing me quite hap­py :D

I’m cur­rent­ly work­ing on a small knit­ting project (small and sim­ple enough that I can han­dle and com­plete as I have very lit­tle patience with knit­ting :S). I so want to show you because I’m so proud that I’m knit­ting, but I can’t because they’re Christ­mas presents… oh well, I will be able to share them in due time.

Hope your week­end is fabulous!



this week’s awesome finds!

Awe­somest idea of the week — break a glow stick in half + pour glow goo into a jar + swirl = instant lantern! :D Spot­ted on Pin­ter­est.


Anoth­er light fix­ture idea involv­ing bot­tles. Fes­tive! From Taste of Home.


More cool-look­ing lights! Tuto­r­i­al for adding a bead­ed wire tree to a night light from …Squir­rel! 


Awe­some way to repur­pose old leather purs­es and oth­er leather scrap. How-to on Design by Night.


This is so cute! Anoth­er way to recy­cle leather things. Tuto­r­i­al on Cation Designs.


For when you need a friend… Mon­ster pet rocks from The Cocoa Bean Blog.


Love the sim­plic­i­ty of this. Hexnut and macrame bracelet — tuto­r­i­al on Minieco.


This is appar­ent­ly an Anthro­polo­gie knock-off. Anthro­polo­gie appears to be all the rage in the States but I don’t think I’ve seen one in Toron­to yet… could be because I avoid malls. Knock-off or not, I just think this is real­ly pret­ty! How-to on Kojode­signs.


Isn’t this bril­liant? Both a can­dle hold­er and a planter — the plant is real­ly plant­ed and grow­ing in the pot! How-to on Fam­i­ly Chic.


Cof­fee cake in a mug in under five min­utes! Must try! Recipe on Pru­dent Baby.


Have a won­der­ful evening, everyone!







Autum­n’s rainy weath­er makes for mag­nif­i­cent sunsets.





This week has been unusu­al­ly dif­fi­cult. Every­thing that could pos­si­bly go wrong has gone wrong. I’ve decid­ed to name it “a week of woes”. 

The sun is set­ting as I write this, and I’m remind­ed of this poem by Mary Oliver.


Wild Geese

You do not have to be good.
You do not have to walk on your knees
For a hun­dred miles through the dessert, repent­ing.
You only have to let the soft ani­mal of your body
love what it loves.
Tell me about your despair, yours, and I will tell you mine.
Mean­while the world goes on.
Mean­while the sun and the clear peb­bles of the rain
are mov­ing across the land­scapes,
Over the prairies and the deep trees,
the moun­tain and the rivers.
Mean­while the wild geese, high in the clear blue air,
are head­ing home again.
Who­ev­er you are, no mat­ter how lone­ly,
the world offers itself to your imag­i­na­tion,
calls to you like the wild geese, harsh and excit­ing –
over and over announc­ing your place
in the fam­i­ly of things.


Hope you are well. Have a hap­py weekend!





this week’s awesome finds!


The awe­somest of the the awe­some things this week has got to be the jel­ly fish in a bot­tle! Made with those clear plas­tic bags from the pro­duce isle (like plarny the bet­ta fish! :D), and the jel­ly fish actu­al­ly flows around in water! SO. VERY. COOL. There’s a video of the jel­ly fish in action, plus a detailed tuto­r­i­al from Bhoom­play’s Blog.


For my fel­low Nyan Cat fans! Spot­ted on Craft, which points to the orig­i­nal post about how it was made :D


More cat good­ness — kit­tens in a box! Per­fect for cat-lovers who are sad­ly aller­gic to cats… I know how that feels :’( How-to on Obses­sive­ly Stitch­ing.


I have a cou­ple of long scarfs but I nev­er real­ly know how to make it look nice but effort­less. Stum­bled upon this use­ful scarf-tying guide through Pin­ter­est — vis­it 9gag to see the big picture! 


I have a feel­ing I’ve post­ed this before… but it’s def­i­nite­ly worth men­tion­ing again since the weath­er is start­ing to get a bit chilly — Nutel­la hot choco­late! I imag­ine it’s much like hazel­nut hot choco­late, and easy to make! From The Hun­gry House­wife.


I more want­ed to share this because it’s pun­ny — it’s ins­ta-gra­ham! :D From Bak­erel­la.


Inter­est­ing (and def­i­nite­ly mem­o­rable!) busi­ness card idea from Colour Me Katie. 


Bril­liant idea to make owl cook­ies with tulip and heart cut­ters! From The Sweet Adven­tures of Sug­ar­belle. I don’t bake cook­ies very often but I imag­ine this would also be a great idea for ornaments!


Have a sweet week everyone! 



today’s awesome news!

Did I tell you that I’m a big fan of haiku’s? And my mul­ti-tal­ent­ed hus­band has recent­ly won a haiku con­test! :D



It’s a haiku con­test about type­faces (or fonts). The type­face Mike wrote about was Ketchu­pa, and the host of the con­test even made a super fun illus­tra­tion to go with it! :D I love the small illus­tra­tion for the grilled cheese and toma­to soup! 

And I’m very proud of Mr. Mike! :D


Send­ing you warm wish­es on a cool autumn day!