public art

So, in my pre­vi­ous post about our Que­bec trip I wrote that there was this amaz­ing pub­lic art exhi­bi­tion hap­pen­ing in old Que­bec. It was called Les Pas­sages Inso­lites (The Unusu­al Pas­sages — you can read more about each piece and the artists on the exhi­bi­tion site). And I thought, what’s a bet­ter way to appre­ci­ate pub­lic art than to be part of it? :D

This one I’m most proud of. Deliri­ous Frites (Noo­dle Delirium).

delirious frites


Attempt­ed to fit into the inter­locked pile of stuff. Also, per­fect for a game of eye-spy. Stock en Tran­sit (Stock in Transit).

stock en transit

Not inten­tion­al, but wear­ing bright­ly coloured shoes and cardi­gan cer­tain­ly helps me blend in to these par­tic­u­lar installations.

This one was espe­cial­ly delight­ful :D L’Odyseé (The Odyssey).


The instal­la­tion also includes two oth­er pigeons and a Camp­bell soup can. Here’s the full view of it :D



This one isn’t part of the exhi­bi­tion, but equal­ly fun. The Mur­al of Qube­cers com­mem­o­rates the his­to­ries of low­er town.

the mural of quebecers


So here we find our­selves at the end of sum­mer, but more excit­ing things are afoot! Pos­si­bly a cro­chet-along… stay tuned if you enjoy craft­ing togeth­er :D

Have a won­der­ful Thursday!


green flying squirrel

Photo 2014-05-24, 4 38 25 PM

Final­ly fin­ished the pineap­ple top from Vogue Cro­chet. I used #10 thread and had to scale down to a 2.5 mm hook, so it looks less cozy than the one in the mag­a­zine and a bit more sum­mery, I think.

And the dol­man sleeves, they remind me of a fly­er squirrel.

I like how it turned out with the mint green. I’ve nev­er worn this colour before. The cashier at Michaels said it’s one of their “hot new colours” that just came in. And I bought all that they had on the shelf :P

Here’s a clos­er look at it.


And the sleeves…


And anoth­er attempt at embody­ing the green fly­ing squirrel.



Have a hap­py Sun­day! :D





It may final­ly be here.


april levitation

So, here I am, com­ing out of hiber­na­tion and get­ting back into the swing of things…

And I also want to show you this beau­ti­ful stained glass cross the chil­dren put up for East­er at our tiny store­front church. It’s made with tis­sue paper and con­tact paper, and it’s so love­ly with the sun­light shin­ing through it.


Wish­ing you a refreshed, joy-filled week!


levitating into the holidays

winter levitate

It’s hard­er to take lev­i­tat­ing pho­tos these days now that it’s so cold out. It’s not so big a prob­lem for the per­son jump­ing because jump­ing repet­i­tive­ly helps one keep warm, but it’s prob­a­bly tor­tur­ous for the per­son tak­ing pho­tos, to be stand­ing still, hands exposed in the freez­ing air, tak­ing shot after shot. For­tu­nate­ly for us it was warm­ing up a bit last week, and the snow makes for a nice pic­ture. This pic­ture only took five jumps or so.

Have a hap­py Sunday!



Photo 11-3-2013, 3 15 11 PM - Copy

It’s been grey and rainy for the past few days, but the sun is final­ly out today. The fall trees looked like they were glow­ing in the sun­shine. The bright­ness makes for sharp lev­i­tat­ing pho­tos too :D

Hope you have a great start to the week!



trip to the capital city


Two weeks ago we went to Ottawa for my cous­in’s wed­ding. It was a rather short trip but we got to vis­it the Rideau Canal before head­ing home. The fall colours were love­ly. And I found an owl! :D



The wed­ding was held at this cas­tle-like hotel. It was one of the most glam­orous wed­dings I’ve ever been invit­ed to, and so very hap­py to see my cousin mar­ry­ing her true love! :D



So through­out the sum­mer I worked on adding a sash to this dress so it looks a bit more for­mal for the occasion…



… and I clipped this fab­ric flower I made on the back. I also bought this vin­tage porce­lain rose ear­ring and neck­lace set from a very friend­ly shop own­er on Etsy. I thought it matched my dress well :) 



The hotel was right next door to Par­lia­ment Hill. A lev­i­tat­ing pho­to is in order.



Hope every­one’s hav­ing a good weekend! 


still here…

… and still levitating!



It’s been anoth­er long stretch of time since I’ve writ­ten. Have been real­ly busy with read­ing and assign­ments. But one’s got to stretch between pages (it actu­al­ly helped with the stiff­ness in the legs after sit­ting for hours).

I’m actu­al­ly work­ing real­ly slow­ly on a cro­chet pat­tern that I want to share. I’ve been read­ing so much and try­ing to wrap my head around dif­fer­ent things that my brain hurts. But cro­chet­ing helps. So does the new Plants vs Zom­bies :D (brrrraaaainnnsssss.….) I’m run­ning off to to either one of those things right after I’m fin­ished writ­ing here…

So I hope to share the pat­tern with you soon! 

And I hope you have an excel­lent start to the week!


levitating in chicago


This was tak­en at the Art Insti­tute. The pho­to does­n’t do it jus­tice, but with the lush green trees fil­ter­ing the sun­light, the sound of the foun­tain and the sig­nif­i­cant­ly cool­er air in the shade, it felt as though it was an elven garden.



On the water­front between Grant Park and Mil­len­ni­um Park.


Did­n’t take as many lev­i­tat­ing pho­tos as I hoped. We took pub­lic tran­sit and walked every­where, my legs were too tired to jump on most days :S But I’m hap­py with the two we took :D

Have a hap­py Sun­day, everyone! 


levitating like it’s 1920

peculiar me in 1920


I came across this book in the book­store ear­li­er in the week — a pecu­liar lev­i­tat­ing child on the cov­er! I would have loved to read it when I was in my pre­teen years. I was real­ly into haunt­ed sto­ries and such. But I’ve got­ten more and more wimpy as I age, and I shy away from books like this lest it gives me night­mares. But it gave me an idea for a lev­i­ta­tion pho­to, as we were going to a Gats­by-themed gar­den par­ty this week­end at the Spad­i­na Muse­um, and I thought it might be fun­ny tak­ing a sim­i­lar­ly pecu­liar pho­to at a his­toric gar­den dressed in cos­tume :D

Here’s a more cheer­ful ver­sion. The ros­es are gorgeous!

cheerful 1


Anoth­er cheer­ful version.

cheerful 2


Cheer­ful guest appear­ance by Mike :D (he nev­er thinks what I do is too sil­ly for him to join in. Isn’t he the most awesome?)

cheerful 3


We were look­ing for­ward to this ever since we heard about it weeks ago and were excit­ed­ly prepar­ing our cos­tumes :D Mike bought sus­penders and a bow tie, and I bought a dress from the thrift store and made a hat from this pat­tern. I real­ly liked the flower pat­tern on the crown.

party hat


 Peo­ple come with such beau­ti­ful costumes!

party guests


There was a live band (note the musi­cian play­ing the wash­board! :D)

party band


Mike in 1920.

mike in 1920


Sun­shine cro­quet :D

sunshine croquet


Mike joined in the danc­ing :D

party dance


I loved the beau­ti­ful plants inside and out­side the house.

green house


spadina house


We had the most excel­lent time (and lots of pink lemon­ade) :D

Hope you have an awe­some week!