this week’s awesome finds

This fabulous phases of the moon shirt, on Raegun Ramblings.


Look at this toasty pizza blanket! From By Jenni Designs.


I love the chocolate bunny one. Sweet cupcakes by Candy van Sweet on Ravelry, free patterns!


A cool friend pointed me to these lovely clouds ^_^ by Gateand Handmade Crochet.


Another lovely design by Crafty Queen. The granny cardigan just looks so comfy <3


I love negative spaces filled with strings. The tutorial is in French but it’s got wonderful self-explanatory pictures. From Jesus Sauvage.


I was tempted to buy the faux succulents while wandering in Michaels one day but didn’t know what to use it for, and now I know! I love that it’s made with an embroidery hoop! Check out the minimalist air plant versions too. I might just make that and will never kill another air plant again. From Delia Creates


These are the most fabulous! Looks like I have to get myself to Old Navy again for more flip flops! Yes I already have an open-toe pair that I have not yet have the chance to wear, but one always needs more than one pair of summer shoes. From Make & Do Crew.

So grateful for the warm spring weather today (finally!), hope everyone’s enjoying spring!


this week’s awesome finds

It’s March and winter has returned for its (hopefully) last hurrah with much snowiness and bitter winds. So, welcome to a very cozy episode of awesome finds! :D

This phone case is ingenious — you open the case by taking off the helmet, which is latched onto the button nose when closed! (I don’t think Darth Vader would like me using the words “button nose” on him. But there it is, his nose is a button.) Paid pattern by Anna Vozika on Ravelry. There’s a Yoda version too!


I love kimono slippers, I think they’re very stylish. And these are very easy to knit, I just wonder where one could buy thick wool felt for the soles, if not buying the felt soles from the online store. Maybe an alternative would be flip flop soles, but that’s less cozy. From Joe’s Toes


A perfect stash-buster project with stylish chevrons. From Dandelion Daze.


A lovely, squishy stitch that I think would make a nice seat cover or a bath mat. Or a clutch with that funky neon yellow! From Notey / Behooked Crochet.


Really like the asymmetrical stripes on this cardigan. It uses thick wool and large needles so it should be a quick make… Can one have too many cardigans? From Of Two Wands.



Did you know that sprouts could grow in a jar? Magical! This means that winter doesn’t stop us from doing some kind of gardening. Not that I do any kind of gardening in the spring/summer… But this is probably the easiest, lowest maintenance, most kid-friendly kind of gardening ever. We bought a sprouting jar from Young Urban Farmers at a community fair recently, and have already harvested and enjoyed the adzuki sprouts! Unfortunately they don’t seem to sell the sprouting jars online, but here’s a tutorial on how to make your own from Pass the Pistil. The friendly urban farmer at the fair did say to buy sprouts from here rather than bulk barn to get better germination rates. I also post about our sprouting progress on Instagram if you’d like to check it out! :D


Finally, you can cheer anyone up and chase the winter blahs away with this unicorn puppet made with an origami heart! From Willow Day.

Wishing everyone a good week filled with simple joys :)


this week’s awesome finds

Awesome cat purse from Tapestry Crochet :D


Simple and beautiful coasters from Sugar & Charm.


These waffle stitch wash cloths is such a brilliant idea :D Pattern by Chip Flory on Ravelry, super cute waffles pictured by Raveler StarbugHayley.


I might just try making these clever Morse Code bracelets! From Lime Riot.


A crochet version of the polka dot hats that I really like :) from Whistle & Ivy.


Adorable cat socks from Geena Garcia on Ravelry.


Very stylish blanket sweater from Mama in a Stitch.


This would be nice for Mike :D by Schachenmayr on Ravelry.


Also want to use my pink yarn for this sweet sweater! I do love garter stitch. From Johanna Knits.


More sweetness! Recipe for animal cookie-shaped marshmallows, from Studio DIY.


Cozy pizza party :D Pizza snuggies from Yarnspirations.


Have a fantastic crafty week, everyone! :D



this week’s awesome finds

’tis the season for pom poms! :D

These plum pudding pom poms are so darn cute!! From Fleur Bernadine.


Not everyone likes to eat them but pom pom liquorice makes the cutest garland. From Love Knitting


The fuzziest, most adorable tiny birds are made of pom poms. From The Magic Onions.


And with this tutorial you can make your own pom pom Hedwig or other wizardy owls. From Craftster.


Well, and once I got searching on pom poms a ton of pom pom projects started showing up on my Pinterest feed… so here’s a pom pom cactus from Pinch Me Beautiful.


And OMG this most explosively joyous cupcake, also from Pinch Me Beautiful.


This positively mossy pom pom wreath <3 From Work in Progress Kit.


In other news… check out this GIANT cupcake storage pouf! Genius! From Repeat Crafter Me.


I recently discovered c2c (corner to corner) crochet and it’s so much fun! I’m working on a pretty giant project right now, otherwise I would totally dig into this one. Next year definitely. I should start in February :) Advent calendar pattern also from Repeat Crafter Me.


Happy crafting!


this week’s awesome finds

Cute glowing ghosts! Easy pattern from Red Heart, link via Ravelry.


How awesome is this rain cloud costume? :D From Make It & Love It.


And purple rain for awesome grown-ups. From Curbly.


And the most scared jewelry — petrified wood! Learn how to wire-wrap them on Doodlecraft.


These cute triangular bean bag chickens :D from Petals to Picots.


These hedgehog mitts are super adorable and oh they’re knitted flat!! From


Make a toasty waffle blanket! Maybe the stitch will work for a sweater too… From Lu North, Strong and Free.


Elegant sweater, reminds me of falling leaves, from Nurturing Fibres.

Have a lovely rest of the week, everyone!


this week’s awesome finds

gift-making season (aka Christmas elfing season) is here! :D :D :D

Really like this cardigan from Lion Brand Yarn. It’s loose-fitting so the measurements don’t need to be super exact, which makes it a nice gift to crochet :)


Sweet origami brooches from Lana Red Studio.


A bit steampunk and very festive, must give this a try. Earrings made from hex nuts from Cafe Craftea.


More hex nut goodness from Hello Glow. A trip to the hardware store is in order.


These are the sweetest. From Petit Bout de Chou.


Stumbled upon something similar on a Japanese Instagram account. Could not for the life of me find that account again, but found a resin tutorial that looks very similar. Aren’t these gorgeous? From Nunn Design.


A beautiful pine cone pattern using corner to corner crochet — something I have yet to try! Would make a lovely pillow. From Make & Do Crew.


Also from Make & Do Crew, this stylist hexagon shelf! Made using the humble popsicle sticks!


Made from prints found in magazines. One could also use newspaper, fabric, washi tape, origami paper, pressed and dried leaves… the possibility is endless! From Happiness is Creating.


Say “I love you” in ASL and shrink plastic :D From Greenbean’s Crafterole.


Happy crafting! :D



this week’s awesome finds

Flamingo summer love :) from Golden Lucy Crafts.

Never too early to start crocheting for cooler weather. Car coat spotted on Ravelry by Brenda Grobler.

They make an excellent birthday gift! From Drawn to DIY.

Cutest thing I’ve seen made with bottle caps. They make great fridge magnets! From WhiMSy Love.

I don’t have a paper cutting machine and cutting these by hand would be quite a challenge, but I love the idea. From The House the Lars Built.

Thinking of making a seat cover with this, the best thing is that even though it looks like they’re flower motifs that are painstakingly sewn together, there’s actually no sewing involved! From MyPicot.

Might give this a try since flipflops are on massive sales at the end of summer! It’s got some nice instructions for preparing the flipflop soles for crochet. Doesn’t include pattern for crocheting the shoe tops, but there are lots of free crochet shoes pattern out there, surely one will work for this. From A Crafty Cook.

A very cute toddler dress pattern by One Dog Woof :D I wonder if it’d work as an adult size top too.

Oddish is my favourite :D Make a garden-full with this cute pattern by Yarnmon!

And maybe hide them at Pokéstops, like Knotty Nicole does :D (via Bored Panda) I don’t play Pokémon Go but if the game starts to include catching crocheted plush I’d be all over it!! Knotty Nicole shares her Pokémon patterns on her Ravelry page.

Have a great week everybody!

this week’s awesome finds

This beautiful cardigan from One Dog Woof! Of course I need another cardigan.

Very cute giant pretzel pillow from Whistle & Ivy.

This is brilliant! :D From Trifles & Treasures.

Beautiful series of succulent patterns from Common Thread. I made a couple of these for my dinosaur planter :)

The older I get the more I like geometric designs, not quite sure why. Also the pom pom edgings are very cute. From Grow Creative.

Another rug, this time a beehive :) I think individual beehive motifs also make really nice coasters. From Moogly.

Sweetest llamas ever. Pattern for sale by Julie Chen on Ravelry.

This is a really pretty stitch. I think it would make a nice scarf. Tutorial for jasmine stitch from Love Crochet.

A nice car coat transitioning into fall — it’s never too early in the summer to start stitching for cold weather :D From Brenda Grobler on Ravelry.

Have a good weekend everybody!

this week’s awesome finds

Tiny rabbit :) free pattern from G Store Gallery.

Perfect pattern for transit-knitting, from Toronto’s LYS, The Knit Cafe :)

The symbol of friendship is easy to make :D from Persia Lou.

Cute cacti that never die, and double as pincushions! From A Beautiful Mess.

Gorgeous summer tunic, and shared generously by Right Brain Crochet on Ravelry.

Have you seen Finding Dory yet? :D My favourite (besides Dory, of course) is Destiny the whale shark! This pattern is designed as a phone holder but it works just as well as a plush :D it looks kind of complicated but it’s knitted flat so I think I will be able to manage… and did I mention it’s a free download? :D By Reuben Briskie on Ravelry.

Have a wonderful rest of the week, everyone!

this week’s awesome finds

All the summery stuff! :D

Cut fox print, also great for t-shirt! :D From Patchwork Cactus.

These cat donuts are soooo adorable. Original recipe is not in English, but Google Translate does a good job! From Schoen Und Fien.

So pretty and summary, strawberry shortcake in a jar <3 Looks simple enough for non-bakers like me to make, especially if I buy pre-made pound cake… From Make & Takes.

Cutest jellyfish I’ve seen! Pattern from One Dog Woof.

Clothespin fairies for rainy day craft parties and sunny day garden parties. From Crafts Unleashed.

More rainy day crafts! Loo roll ninjas on Kids Activities Blog.

These are the most gorgeous dish cloth, inspired by old-times linoleum floors. Pattern on Mason-Dixon Knitting.

This is just plain awesome. The tutorial uses colour gel filters, I’m not sure where to get those, but I think for a smaller version tissue paper will be OK. From Oh Happy Day.

Enjoy the sun! :D

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