Following the failed attempt at making this summer top, I frogged the project and used the yarn (Patons Hempster) to make the Icarus tank from Knitty issue 47

I bought this yarn at my local yarn shop, The Yarn Guy, last summer, and had since frogged twice, but it’s hardly splitting, so it’s a nice a durable one. The Yarn Guy is definitely operating online and has a huge amount of stock, really friendly and helpful folks, so please check them out if you’re looking to support independent yarn shops in the Toronto area.

I made some modifications so that it was knitted flat in two pieces, with lace pattern on the shoulders. Not that I didn’t have the circulars to knit in the round, but knitting flat just feels more straightforward to me at the moment, something I have the mental capacity to handle.

The rolling of stockinette stitch at the hems blocked out surprisingly well. I’m hoping it won’t roll back much after wearing and washing. 

The modifications I made is for a boxy-shape top that is cropped length. It is worked flat and seamed at the shoulders and sides. It measures 36″ around. The yarn is DK weight and I used 4.5 mm needles.


CO 86. 

Knit in stockinette for 4 inches, then begin lace patter as indicated in the Icarus tank pattern for working flat.

(It may be helpful to note that it’s actually easier to read from the chart than the written pattern, as there are a few errors in the written one and can cause some confusion.)

Repeat lace pattern until piece is 18″, BO.


CO 86.

Knit in stockinette until piece is 15.25″. 

Work lace pattern row 14–19, but reversed and split up over the two shoulders, as follows.

On row 14, p 6, pm, p 5, pm, p till there are 11 stitches left, pm, p 5, pm, p 6.

On row 15, begin with the 10th stitch in the chart, and k both the 10th and 11th stitches (i.e. omit the cable twist on this row and row 18), then follow the rest of the chart. k till marker, then work stitches 1–11 of lace chart (omitting the cable twist in stitches 10 and 11).

Work the rest of the lace pattern as above rearrangement of stitches.

In the second repeat of the lace pattern, start shaping neck at the same time.

On row 14, p 28, BO 30, place the 28 stitches on spare cable needle, then p the remaining 28 stitches.

While following the lace pattern (and incorporating 5 more stitches toward the centre every time the pattern repeats), k2tog on the neck edge of each RS row seven times. The last RS row will be row 15. BO 21 stitches.

With RS facing, attach yarn to the other neck edge. ssk, then work the rest of the row with lace pattern row 15. 

While following the lace pattern, ssk on the neck edge of each RS row six more times. The last RS row will be row 15. BO 21 stitches. 

Block the pieces. Sew together shoulder and side seams.

Hope everyone is keeping well, and finding some knitting/crocheting/creative projects that sustain a sense of well-being at the moment.