new summer knit :D

Photo 2015-06-27, 10 57 50 AM

Recently finished this summery top :D The Yamamichi-mon tee on Ravelry.

I used a vintage yarn that I inherited called Bouquet Cindy Cotton Look. I thought the texture of the yarn would work well with the design of the sweater. It’s worsted/light worsted weight, and I used 7mm needles.

So to compensate for the much larger needle and heavier yarn, I cast on 76, then when dividing for the shoulders and the neck, I bound off 36 stitches in the centre/neckline, leaving 19 stitches for each shoulder. I knitted only 4 short rows to shape the shoulders on both front and back, and after binding off the stitches in the centre/neckline, I bound off all of the stitches in the shoulders in the next row. The front piece measures 19″ and the back pieces measures 21″. The finished sweater measures 40″ around.    

I really like how it turned out :D

We’ve been having a bit of a cool summer in Toronto so far, but I’m not complaining, because it hasn’t been too hot to wear knitted/crocheted summer tops! :D

Hope everyone has a lovely, sunshiny week!

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yarn-filled day of adventure ahead! :D

Hey everyone! This is awesome! :D


The TTC Knitalong!

If you live in/near Toronto and haven’t got plans yet for Saturday August 22, here’s a yarn-filled day of adventure! I just found out about this by chance today and have never participated before, but I thought it is the most AWESOME idea and registered right away :D

You can find out more about how it works here. But basically, people travel in teams on different routes to visit different yarn stores in the city, knitting (and crocheting too I’m sure!), shopping, eating, and making new friends :D I also hear that there will be tote bags with knitting/yarn swag, discounts and prizes. AND!! Proceeds from the registration fee go to Sistering, a fantastic women-centered agency that is very close to my heart. Registration costs $15 and it starts today, and several teams are full already, so if you’re interested register for a spot soon!

It will be great to meet you there :) Have a great week, everyone!


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tiny sushi, episode two!



Today we’re going to make tiny nigiri :D

Here is my hand in the picture for scale…

Photo 2015-05-30, 10 23 30 PM

It only consists of 8 rows altogether, so it’s a super quick make. The assembly instruction sounds more complicated than it actually is. I will be using some origami terms in hopes that it will make it a bit easier to understand, but as always please feel free to drop me a note if you want clarifications :)

I used:

A bit of light worsted weight yarn in white and other nigiri colours (I was using a variegated orange for salmon and yellow for egg)

3mm hook

A bit of black yarn (optional – if adding seaweed wrapping)

What I did:

*turning ch does not count as a stitch.

Row 1: with white, leaving 12″ tail for sewing in the beginning, ch 3, sc in second ch from hook, sc in next ch, turn.

Rows 2-4: ch 1, sc in each of next 2 sc, turn.

Rows 5 (this will be the right side): fasten off white, switch to nigiri colour, ch 1, sc in each of next 2 sc in back loop only, turn.

Rows 6-8: ch 1, sc in each of next 2 sc, turn. Fasten off at the end of row 8, leaving long tail for sewing.


Here’s where some origami moves might be handy… we’re just going to need valley fold and mountain fold:




So, we’ve crocheted a narrow strip. With right side facing, valley fold one of the short ends to the middle of the strip. The middle of the strip is marked by the “ridge” created by stitches crocheted in the back loops only (row 5). Using long yarn end, secure the fold by sewing the end to the middle and sewing the side seams together. Repeat with the other short end. Fasten off and cut the colour yarn tail, but don’t cut off the white yarn tail.

Then, still with right side facing, mountain fold the strip in half along the middle “ridge”. Secure the fold with a few stitches through all the layers of the nigiri with the white yarn tail, being careful not to let the stitches show on the egg/salmon side. Fasten off, weave in ends.

If desired, wrap and tie black yarn around the nigiri to imitate seaweed.


They make great earrings and magnet, and maybe miniature dollhouse food?

Have an awesome week, everyone!


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weekend wonders

Thrifting at a Value Village while visiting Mike’s hometown several hours away from Toronto. Found these! :D

Photo 2015-06-13, 5 41 03 PM

This is a brooch, looks like it’s enamel.

Photo 2015-06-13, 5 43 26 PM

There’s something hilarious about the way he looks, I just had to take him home. Looks like a road runner, but it might well be a dinosaur — given that apparently most dinosaurs were feathered! (according to this article)

Then I did some apartment gardening at home, and repotted the succulent we brought home from our trip to Montreal.

Photo 2015-06-14, 12 11 22 PM

I followed this tutorial to make the dinosaur planter. The dinosaur toy was already a pretty bright pink, which I liked, so I didn’t spray paint it. It didn’t have much room for the roots, so I hope the succulent does well in there.

I covered the top with the seashells I got for the asparagus fern to help stabilize the plant.

Photo 2015-06-14, 12 14 11 PM

Will be back with the second part of the tiny sushi series! Stay tuned :) Hope everyone had a good weekend, wishing you a good start to the week!


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Photo 2015-05-24, 7 51 15 PM

Made these 3 amigos for my shop :)

Photo 2015-06-06, 4 04 13 PM

Found the bees’ old home at my parents’ old home. Mesmerized by its perfect symmetry.

Photo 2015-06-07, 5 43 02 PM

Have always wanted a fern like this, finally spotted it at a T & T Supermarket the other day. I love its softness, such a gentle plant. I repotted it today with a layer of shells underneath for drainage. I was going to use pebbles but could only find bags of shells at the dollar store. Hope it does well!

And finally, I can show you the coolest souvenir ever from Montreal’s Mycoboutique, since I’ve now given it to my sister (and of course I bought myself one too :D)

Photo 2015-05-19, 10 23 11 PM

A mushroom nightlight! Like those bioluminescent mushrooms :D The middle mushroom actually changes colours continuously. It makes me so happy looking at it :D

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

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tiny sushi, episode one!


Tiny and easy. Looks like I’ve got a bit of a theme going after the tiny donuts!

I have a couple of sweater patterns that I’ve been hoping to share, but I just haven’t had the time or energy to sit down and write it. So for now, tiny and easy it is :)

These are super quick to make! And they are very tiny. Here is my hand in the picture for scale. They’re about 7/8″ in diameter.


I just happen to have scraps of variegated green and orange yarn at home, they worked beautifully for avocado/cucumber and salmon.


The “pattern” is not at all original. A quick search on Ravelry would yield a couple of crochet sushi pattern made in the same method, like this one (ingenious! I actually made one for a sushi-loving friend years ago), and this one. But I suppose the stitch count that I came up with is particular to these tiny maki rolls, so I thought I’d share it. It’s also not so much a pattern but more like a recipe. One can easily adjust the length and width to include more fillings for the maki rolls.

I used:

tiny bits of black, white and other colours for desired fillings, in worsted or light worsted weight yarn.

3mm hook

tapestry needle

What I did:

Note: turning ch does not count as a stitch.

Row 1: Using filling colour yarn, ch 3, sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in next ch, ch 1, turn.

Row 2: sc in each of next 2 sc, ch 1, turn.

Row 3: sc in each of next 2 sc, switch to white yarn, fasten off filling yarn, ch 1.

Rows 4 – 12 (9 rows): repeat row 2. At the end of row 12, switch to black yarn, fasten off white yarn, ch 1.

Rows 13 – 24 (12 rows): repeat row 2. Fasten off, leaving a 10″ tail for sewing. Weave in ends.


Starting from the end with the filling colour, roll up the strip tightly. Sew end of strip to the maki roll, then sew through the diameter of the maki roll in different directions a couple of times. Fasten off, weave in ends.

And we’re done! Easy, right? I found it pretty hard to stop making them :S But what can one do with so many tiny sushi rolls? They’re very light, so great for earrings! I’ve made these yam roll earrings for the shop :D

Photo 2015-05-24, 10 33 18 PM

And I made a futomaki brooch sort of in a free-form style. It is listed in my Etsy shop – customizable and freshly made-to-order! :D

Photo 2015-05-29, 9 17 05 PM

Photo 2015-06-02, 12 13 05 PM

And here we have it, futomaki and friends :D


But wait, we’re not done with sushi making! In our next episode we will make easy nigiri! Stay tuned! :D





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montreal, take two

Photos I took in Montreal with the Diana are finally developed :D Here are some of my favourites.


Double exposures sometimes make really fun collages :D Couldn’t quite remember what I took pictures of when I first looked at this… It was from the Biodome, an image of anemone in an open pool, overlapped with an image of Mike in front of tropical plants.


Beautiful streets of Old Montreal on a beautiful day :D We were blessed with really nice weather.


Not sure what my camera did with this image. Somehow most of the colours are stripped away, making the picture look like a horror novel cover :S The actual scene was quite cheerful with these colourful houses! The house between the red and the purple is supposed to be blue.


Chinatown. I really like the depth of field in this one.


I find the Montreal Chinatown a lot cleaner and more picturesque than the one in Toronto.


Inside the Biosphere, which is located on Saint Helen’s Island.


We took a long walk on a tree-lined path on the island along the river.


St. Catherine Street closed off for pedestrians in the summer, with brilliant art installations :D


This one is titled “D pour Democratie”.


We squeezed in a visit to the central library right before catching our train home. The library is accessible through a metro station. I like the solemnness of this photo.

We had leftover film after our trip, so we took our cameras to a couple of historic sites during Doors Open Toronto last weekend. More photos to come!

Hope everyone has a good weekend! :D


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montreal, take one

We visited Montréal over Victoria Day weekend :D We only brought our phones and film cameras. The majority of pictures are taken on film, and they are being developed as I type! Can’t wait to see them :D But in the meanwhile, here are some highlights from our phones :D


On the first day we went to Biodôme. There were many different creatures to marvel at, but I was most attracted to these sea urchins and anemones. They’re like pompoms :)


In the afternoon we visited Café des Chats, or Cat Cafe, and sat for a while with this fluffy friend while drinking tea and people-watching. We found this cafe by accident; it was across the street from our hotel. Mike and I had some interesting imaginary conversations about how the cats were interviewed to work in the cafe.

“Do you like being petted?”


“Do you like tea?”

“Um, I don’t mind it. Will there be tuna?”

“Um, yes. That would be part of the benefit package.”

“Okay. What is your policy on nap times?”

I’m sure the cafe has a very flexible nap time policy, as most of the cats (I counted 5, others were probably napping elsewhere) we saw were napping. But the ones who were awake seemed to enjoy being petted.


And guess what we found?! A shop devoted to mycology!! :D We also stumbled upon it by accident while finding our way to MEC. Being like a kid in a candy store is an understatement. It has everything – dried mushrooms, mushroom earrings and necklaces, mushroom books, mushroom posters, mushroom condiments, mushroom foraging tools, mushroom growing kits, even mushroom tea! (which has to be simmered for 2 hours – we didn’t buy any, but I’m really curious about how it would taste – maybe more like broth than tea?) I didn’t want to leave, but it was getting awkward how long we were dawdling there in that little shop, so we had to leave :( But I did bring home awesome souvenirs! :D More on that in a minute…


And then! We came across this wonderful cafe called Le K at Square Saint-Louis, which is a lovely park next to our hotel. The cafe operates out of what might have been a storage building for gardening tools and such for the park (?) (Mike said it looks like a mausoleum, but I don’t think that’s what it is). It features large mugs of tea, adorable patio tables and chairs underneath the trees, mason jars of blooming plants, a book cart, a tricycle, and really friendly owners (who offered to take pictures of us together after seeing Mike taking this picture of me :D). Highly recommend a visit if you’re in the neighbourhood :D


And in the last night we were in the city we visited 1.26 by Janet Echelman at Les Jardins Gamelin. It was magnificent. And feels a bit surreal standing underneath it.

As planned we visited more well-known places like the Biosphere, the Museum of Archaeology and History, the Old Port, Chinatown, and St-Viateur Bagel, and (hopefully!) we have good pictures of these on film, but it seems like we had the most fun stumbling across awesome places outside of our plan. And one would probably say that we did a good job finding our hotel with all these fun places around! It’s this hotel if you’re wondering, very friendly, modest size, continental breakfast (which saves quite a bit of money for museum visits!), no complaints :)

And oh! Souvenirs! This one we bought at the most wonderful outdoor market outside Mont Royal station. We carefully packed it so I could carry it in my bag on our journey home (we took the train).


And this from Mycoboutique! :D


We’re now proud owners of the common fungi poster!! :D

More pictures to come soon! Have a good week, everyone!


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motivational rain cloud

Photo 2015-05-21, 10 00 47 PM

I made this tonight :)

A rain cloud that seems to be saying, “everything is going to be OK.”

It’s a brooch and it’s going to my friend’s shop :)


Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!


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diana spring roll


Finally got back the photos taken on the Diana :D These were taken on 200 ISO film, which was cross-processed.

For the cherry blossoms this year I mostly took pictures on the Diana, and a couple on my phone, because I find that in previous years I was taking so many pictures that I forget to enjoy the cherry trees themselves. The one above is my favourite of the cherry blossom photos on film.

This year the cherry trees bloomed during the week, so we had to visit them after work, and it was about 7pm when we got to High Park, the sun was setting, the petals were glowing, it was quite glorious.

Here is the park at dusk, with golden rays of light from the setting sun shining through the branches.


These ones were taken with my phone.

Photo 2015-05-07, 7 34 21 PM

Photo 2015-05-07, 7 49 32 PM

They just make me so happy :)

Earlier in the month we visited the Children’s Animal Farm in Sarnia, Ontario. This photo is my absolute favourite of the roll.


The way the branches are positioned in the goose, the grey-blue tone, the composition – I’m just really happy with the way it turned out.

And here is my favourite smiling animal :D


I think I might print this and put this up in my cubicle at the office :D

And here are some very picturesque views of the farm.




Then one weekend we took a stroll down Queen Street West and ended up in Trinity Bellwoods Park. We got some white squirrel ice cream (white chocolate, craisins and pecans) from the White Squirrel Coffee shop and waited for the resident white squirrel. No luck so far, will try again next time.


But I did find more cherry blossoms! :D


A walk through the park…



Took this while waiting for the streetcar.


And back in my own neighbourhood, with my favourite blooming tree :)



Have a happy weekend, everyone! :D


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