The story of napa cabbage and chestnut

For my mom’s birthday and mother’s day this year I made her fridge magnets, of a napa cabbage and a chestnut. She had told me that she wanted some fridge magnet friends ever since I started making them two years ago, and after making batches of them for commissions and shows and stores I’ve finally gotten around to making her two, which I’m feeling rather guilty about…

But anyways, I made a napa cabbage and a chestnut because they are nicknames that my sister and I gave ourselves when we were kids. My sister was napa cabbage and I was chestnut. Actually, we still call each other by those names. Not exactly “napa cabbage” and “chestnut” (although that would be fun too), but napa cabbage and chestnut in Chinese, which sound like “Cil” and “Lud” respectively (hence the picture with the alphabet magnets :D). Napa cabbage is one of my sister’s favourite foods (preferably cooked in a stew with chicken) and chestnut was one of my favourite things to eat (preferably cooked in a stew, with chicken). So I guess that’s where the nicknames came from.

Napa cabbage was a bit of a free-form crochet project so I don’t have a pattern for it…

Chestnut, on the other hand, is a bit like sakura mochi, so I was able to jot down the pattern as I went and I will post it soon, maybe tomorrow! :D

The nickname chestnut may have also come from the time when my sister and I were playing teacher and student, and I was calling myself “teacher chestnut”, because there was a “teacher chestnut” in Dr. Slump, which was a popular Japanese cartoon when I was going up. This “teacher chestnut” had a large head that looked like a — you guessed it! — chestnut. I remember the door to his home is even shaped like a chestnut in the top part to accommodate his head.

Apparently, he drives a tank (?). I don’t remember that. And obviously I didn’t look like “teacher chestnut” here but I guess I just thought the whole idea of a chestnut-head teacher is funny so I kept calling myself that.

So I was really excited when San‑X put out Amagurichan, a chestnut character. I even got the plush key chain from Hong Kong (I went to Hong Kong for other reasons, of course. Yes, really, I went for reasons other than the plush key chain. But I did spend a lot of time looking for Amagurichan products while I was there…). It had an outer shell around its head with a Velcro closure so it can be removed. Extremely adorable. Bad decision to chain it onto my backpack and go to school with it, because it got stolen soon after :’( Will have to find another one if I ever go to Pacific Mall, or, better yet, Hong Kong :)

So, anyway, a bit of fun memories from my childhood. Here’s wishing my mom a very happy birthday and a sweet year ahead, filled with blessings, joy, and good health. And have a sweet Monday everyone!

3 thoughts on “The story of napa cabbage and chestnut

  1. your crochet skill is very good, ‘even better then mama’! This is the best gift for me. What a blessing from God!

  2. i think “siu” came from “roast chicken”, initially. then turned into “napa cabbage”. on another note, “cil” is the same colour as my blankie! and it looks like it’s wrapped snuggly in a blankie too! 呵呵~!

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