Happy Together :D

Meet Nigiri and Wasabi…

… and Piña Colada!

Happy Together :D

They were wedding presents I made for friends this spring. I can now finally post pictures of them after they have been given away. They’re all fridge magnets. I’ve jotted down the pattern for Piña Colada, and will post that soon!

Wasabi and coconut were actually inspired by Restaurant City. It’s a Playfish game, and I think it’s got the cutest graphics, especially the food items!

So here’s the wasabi ingredient on RC and Wasabi…

… and here’s the coconut ingredient on RC and Coconu!

By the way, I always thought coconut in Spanish is “colada”, as in “Piña Colada”, you know? But it’s not! Coconut in Spanish, according to Google Translator, is “coconu”! “Colada” actually means “strained”. Silly me.

And on a side note, despite having a busier-than-usual week I’ve actually kept to my blogging schedule, and also finished a craft for myself! I’m pretty happy about that. I’ll write and post pictures about it later, but for now I’ll show you the mess I made…

Happy Friday!

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