it’s 2011!

Hap­py new year! :D

The first day of 2011 is unusu­al­ly mild. We woke up to a thick veil of fog out­side our win­dow. We went out to our bal­cony and it was like step­ping into a cloud. It felt strange­ly serene.





I joined the Zumi group on Flickr and saw lots of cool black and white pic­tures. I thought I don’t use the black and white mode quite enough and so here’s a B&W pic­ture of the fog­gy neigh­bour­hood.



And when we went back inside for break­fast I heard the birds chirp­ing, which remind­ed me of this quote I read on Duo Fiber­works:

I heard a bird sing
In the dark of Decem­ber
A mag­i­cal thing
And sweet to remem­ber.

We are near­er to Spring
Than we were in Sep­tem­ber,’
I heard a bird sing
In the dark of Decem­ber.”

- Oliv­er Her­ford, I Heard a Bird Sing


Wish­ing every­one a healthy and won­der­ful 2011!


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