aaaand today is…

After Pen­guin Aware­ness Day, today we have Squir­rel Appre­ci­a­tion Day!

So here I’m going to repost my all time favourite squir­rel project — the lost mit­ten squir­rel! :D

Via Craftzine.


I’m sad to say that I still haven’t found a lone mit­ten (it’s tech­ni­cal­ly a glove, but I like the word mit­ten bet­ter) to start this project, but it’s on my list :D My goal is to find a white one, so I can make the leg­endary white squir­rel of Trin­i­ty Bell­woods Park.

Pho­to by Michael Wern­er.


And while we have the needle and thread out, why not sew some fes­tive acorns to cel­e­brate?

From Zemphira’s Cre­ations.


Hap­py week­end every­one!

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One thought on “aaaand today is…

  1. Ha, ha! Love it! Late­ly I’ve had a large black squir­rel dart­ing around the yard, so my squir­rel aware­ness is on high alert. Your dia­gram and project is AWESOME!

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