no ordinary objects

From the desk drawer, local park, kitchen, and recycling bin.

Tutorial on how to make the ordinary paper clip looking extraordinary on How About Orange.


*Squeal* Totoro painted on acorns! How nifty! Instruction here (in Japanese, but with self-explanatory photos).


I can really use one of these buttons for the sweater I’m knitting — they’re made from branches! How neat is that? And with detailed tutorial too, on Shrimp Salad Circus.


I love this brilliant printmaking idea — another thing a pop bottle can do before heading to the recycling bin! Makes great gift wraps and greeting cards, me thinks! From Frugal Family Fun Blog.


Another must-try: making shrink plastic from #6 plastic! I’ll have to pay attention to the little triangles on those clear plastic containers (actually, this has sent me to the grocery store looking under every single plastic container to see what number it is). More #6 plastic shrinking experiments on Dabbled.


I’m sure there’s probably an app for this, but who would want to get out their phone while baking and get it all gooey and covered in sauce? Upside down apron with cooking guide by Perpetual Kid, spotted on swissmiss.


I love that the cymbals are made of the lids of the cans. Drum kit by Helmut Smits, spotted on Inspire Me Now.


Have a great evening, everyone!