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So excit­ed to show you this week’s Sun­day video — made by yours tru­ly! :D Fea­tur­ing cher­ry blos­soms at High Park, tak­en with the Zumi.

I’ve made videos before, but this is the first time I make a mon­tage kind of video. I did­n’t start out want­i­ng to make a mon­tage, but I’m not very good at tak­ing videos, and so out of the numer­ous clips I took (I lost count) only bits and pieces are usable. So I fig­ure I’d just piece them togeth­er and hope it works.

Edit­ing the video was a nau­se­at­ing expe­ri­ence. I don’t have a very steady hand, and I sup­pose the Zumi isn’t the best cam­era for tak­ing videos (it’s not shock-proof at all), and I moved around too much too quick­ly in an attempt to take in as much of the blos­soms as pos­si­ble… So all the flow­ers and branch­es and pieces of the sky were all spin­ning and swirling togeth­er on my screen… @_@ Any­way, I cut out all of the intense­ly swirly bits, and added oth­er rel­a­tive­ly still clips that I also took at the park, of the weep­ing wil­lows, the duck, and the geese for some visu­al breaks, so hope­ful­ly when you view it it would be more enjoyable.

Final­ly, because Mike is far more knowl­edge­able in music than I am, he picked a bril­liant song clip from his col­lec­tion, A Ten­der His­to­ry in Rust by Do Make Say Think (from Toron­to!). It worked out per­fect­ly :D

More pic­tures of cher­ry blos­soms to fol­low! Here’s one I real­ly like, also tak­en by the Zumi.

Have a won­der­ful Sunday!

4 thoughts on “sunday video

  1. That’s the CD I got Mike for Christ­mas! Glad he is still get­ting some legs out of it.

    The video looks love­ly Trish — I think Beth and I are going to now go for a walk in High Park today because of it!

  2. Enjoyed the video and the music was just right with it! Glad you had a fun day at the park. Oh, and thanks again for the plarn pat­tern for the fishies. They come out so light, airy, and delightful!

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