tea rose for pony


Tea ros­es don’t look quite like that, I real­ize. It’s more like those wild ros­es (we used to have them in our front yard), but “tea rose for pony” sounds nice. And reminds me of a book I read in high school called Flow­ers for Alger­non.

Any­way, I saw a girl wear­ing small flop­py pink flow­ers on her pig­tails one day, and I want­ed to make my own.


My hair was­n’t quite long enough for a pony tail, so I was wear­ing pig tails. So I guess this could also be a tea rose for pigs :P

The hair ties I buy at the drug store get worn out quick­ly, so I want­ed to make the flower detach­able. When the hair elas­tic is worn out, one could attach the flower to a new hair elas­tic. See?


I’m sure there are tons of pat­terns for cro­chet­ing ros­es, but I’ve nev­er made one before and want­ed to fig­ure out how to make the petals over­lap. So I thought I’d write it all down :)

I used:

Pink cro­chet thread

2.35mm hook (I used it because that’s what I have, but one could prob­a­bly use a small­er hook)

One but­ton

Yel­low seed beads

Sewing nee­dle and thread

Glue gun

Top petals:

ch 5, sl st into first ch and form a ring.

First petal: ch 3, 4 tr into ring, ch 3, sl st into ring

Sec­ond petal: ch 2, turn and insert hook into the base of a stitch in the mid­dle of pre­vi­ous petal, pull up a loop, ch 3, turn, 2 tr into the ch 2 space just made, like so…

Then work 2 tr into ring, like so…

Com­plete sec­ond petal with ch 3, then sl st into ring.

Repeat sec­ond petal until there are five petals.

Sixth petal: ch 2, turn and insert hook into the base of a stitch in the mid­dle of pre­vi­ous petal, pull up a loop, ch 3, turn, 2 tr into the ch 2 space just made, 1 tr into ring, 1 tr into the base of a stitch in the first petal in the front, like so…

Com­plete last petal with ch 3, then sl st into same st in the first petal. Fas­ten off, weave in ends.

Top petals, com­plete :D

Bot­tom petals:

12 dc in mag­ic ring, sl st in top of first dc to form a circle.

First petal: ch 3, 2 tr in same st, 2 tr in next st, ch 3, sl st in same st.

Sec­ond petal: ch 3, 2 tr in next st, 2 tr in next st, ch 3, sl st in same st.

Repeat sec­ond petals until there are 6 petals alto­geth­er. Fas­ten off, leave a 10″ tail for sewing.

Bot­tom petals, com­plete :D

Sew top and bot­tom petals togeth­er, then sew seed beads to the centre.

Find a but­ton that could rough­ly cov­er the first round (12 dc in mag­ic ring) of the bot­tom petals. Thread a 5‑inch piece of cro­chet thread through the but­ton holes, like so…

Ensur­ing that both ends of the cro­chet thread are rough­ly the same length, glue the but­ton to the tea rose with a hot glue gun, like so…

And that’s it! Now we can tie the tea rose to a hair elas­tic. (I tie a bow, and then tie the “ears” togeth­er again.)

And then tied to pig tail…


I tried tying it to a bob­by pin, it works as well :D


A larg­er tea rose can be made with reg­u­lar yarn rather than cro­chet thread. I made a yel­low one with a light worsted weight yarn and a 3.5mm cro­chet hook, for a headband.


I attached a small safe­ty pin to the back with pieces of felt, and then attached it to an elas­tic headband.


Because it’s detach­able, I can also wear it as a brooch! :D


I like mak­ing mul­ti­pur­pose things :)

Have a great start to the week!




16 thoughts on “tea rose for pony

  1. What won­der­ful tim­ing! I recent­ly cro­cheted a lit­tle flower for a friend’s baby, to wear in her hair. It was OK but not exact­ly what I was look­ing for. Your flower, because it’s so soft and del­i­cate, should be per­fect! I look for­ward to mak­ing it; thanks!!!

  2. I love these and won­der if you would make them for say a cor­sage idea and make say ones that match my bride­maid­’s dresses?How much would you charge per say for 3 cor­sages? Please reply or ask Mike to reply to me through face­book to let me know

  3. Thanks for the great pat­tern! I keep com­ing back to it and mak­ing flow­ers for all occasions.

  4. I’ve been look­ing all night for a flower pat­tern to attach to slip­pers. I love this one, espe­cial­ly how the over­lap­ping flow­ers are all done as one piece. Can’t wait to give it a try!

  5. I’m so excit­ed! This is the exact look and size I need­ed for my wed­ding. I had this vision of the guys in the wed­ding posse wear­ing cro­cheted ros­es and this is per­fect! You have even giv­en me the idea of mak­ing it for every­one! head­bands! Pony­tails! Yay!!!

    Thank you!

  6. yay! your wed­ding! that’s super excit­ing! so hap­py to hear that you find the ros­es use­ful! hap­py cro­chet­ing and wed­ding plan­ning :D

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