6 mosquito bites later



For the first time Mike and I are collaborating on a design project! :D And for this project we need some photos of jars with lights in them on the grass. So last night we waited till the sun went down and headed out with some jars and candles.

As I was sitting on the grass, trying to hold my hands still to photograph the jars I was promptly reminded by the mosquitoes that they come out in the evening, especially in grassy areas.

And these were GIANT mosquitoes! I will spare you the gory details of me swatting them while they were in the middle of sucking my blood.

But it’s all worth the constant swatting and inevitable itchy red spots on my arms. Because we’ve got photos that work! (We hope. The client makes the final verdict. But I’m going to tell the client that the photos cost me 6 GIANT mosquito bites so she better likes it… Yeah… that’s why Mike and I never work together :P)

The one above and this one below were taken with a battery-operated tea light.



This jar here had a real tea light in it.



I particularly like the small white flowers around the jars and in the background.

And yes, they are baby food jars. I got tons and tons from a friend years ago for a school project. They were also painted with white and transparent glass paint.


Two things I discovered from this photo shoot:

Tiger balm works wonders on mosquito bites.

- iphone takes surprisingly good low light pictures. Better than my point & shoot. Plus all the other fancy functions and apps that iphones have. Hmmm.


I’ve been using Mike’s new phone to take pictures quite a bit since he got it a week ago. The next time I ask to use his phone he’ll probably say, “back off! Get your own iphone!” (ever seen this commercial? I loved it)

Oh, no thanks. Not until it gets to $0 with a $25 phone plan :P

Anyway! Have a great Saturday, everyone! :D



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