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I gave myself a haircut during the week. Looking pensive here in the picture because I didn’t exactly know whether it looked OK on the back. That’s right, I hacked (and hack is an accurate description here) off about 3 inches of hair by myself in front of a mirror. And more than once I blindly hacked off the hair on the back of my head hoping that it would look OK

Also pensive because I’m going back to school on Wednesday.

I like to mark a new beginning with a haircut and that’s mainly why I decided to cut my own hair rather than waiting to ask my mom to cut it (she’s always cut my hair. I’ve never stepped foot in a hair salon in my life and I don’t ever plan to if I can help it). 

I’m kind of worried about a full-time course load after a couple of years of a part-time school or work schedule. But at the same time I’m excited about the knowledge and training I will gain.

Recently in an interview I was asked how I take care of myself amidst the often emotionally draining work of therapy and social services. I gave some lame‑o answers that weren’t very convincing because I didn’t really think about how to respond to such questions. And I think subconsciously I’m kind of shy about saying that “I take care of my emotional well-being by crafting”. 

But that’s what I do to take care of myself, really. To keep myself sane. I craft.

And while I craft, I thank God for hand-making this world, one atom at a time, and that I’m alive today, and I’m relatively healthy, and in a relatively good emotional place. I craft.

I paint sometimes as well. But I enjoy crafting more.

I never thought about it that way until the interview. That crafting and having a place to share are actually very important to me across all aspects of my life, that it affects my work/school life as well. It gives me the motivation to notice the mundane, everyday, hopeful things. It gives me the motivation to think creatively and follow through on ideas that I’m excited about, to put them out there and make them alive in the world. 

So I will fiercely carve out time to craft, and to share too. Because I do believe I have made some blog friends here, and I’m so grateful for the connections we’ve made, for the inspirations and ideas and kind words you’ve shared with me. I will cherish these connections always.

But inevitably as seasons and schedules change this blog will see some changes too. I don’t know exactly how the changes will look like yet. I suppose it will all unfold once I get into a new routine. 

But I can foresee that:

  • Regular features”, i.e.  favourite things Friday and Sunday video will be a bit more brief or may not happen some weeks (though I’m working on getting some guest posts for favourite things, we’ll see :D).
  • Today’s awesome finds would make an interesting and flexible regular feature. So you may see more of that!
  • There would be more posts of point & shoot :D
  • There may be fewer tutorial posts :( Though fun, tutorials do take a long time to make.
  • There my be less frequent posts of crafting :( Reality is, I will have to give school work priority…


This new journey. It’s a challenge, but it’s so full of possibilities.

Thank you for journeying with me, friends!





10 thoughts on “on a journey…

  1. I started crocheting as a stress reliever. Was better than the medication I had taken at one point. I craft so I don’t panic. :)

  2. I understand about your need to craft. It’s just part of who we are; we can’t “not” craft! Thankfully, I have lots of friends who seem to like what I make for them :-). I also do some crocheting for the Leif Erikson Lodge Holiday Bazaar every year as part of my volunteer efforts. So, it’s crafting for myself and (hopefully) making others happy. 

    The wonderful thing about blogs is that they can be whatever you want them to be. If it’s necessary to change direction a bit, your faithful readers (and new friends) will always enjoy your journey.

    The best of luck to you, Trish, as you return to school. And craft when you can!

  3. Good luck in school! School always stresses me out, but I set aside some time to craft during the week, and do a ton of crafting on the weekends. I will miss your tutorials (they’re always awesome!), but I understand the whole “schoolwork-priority” thing very well :D. But even a couple posts per month will be enough, because what you have to say is always inspiring. I don’t really have any friends who craft (crafting is considered “lame”, although they love the finished products), so it’s great to see another person’s work. Keep up the good work, and try not to stress out!

  4. thank you for the encouragement, Alison! i definitely want to keep up the crafting and blogging. and crafting is not lame! :D

  5. I have been following your blog for awhile now and never knew you worked in social services. But I guess this blog is an escape from that. I totally agree with everyone that crafting is such a relaxing outlet to your every day life. I am in an engineering program right now (almost done!) and make sure not to fall victim to the stereotypes that go along with that. Just because I do a lot of science and math doesn’t mean I can’t be visually creative as well! I love it! I need to exercise the other half of my brain too :)

  6. a lot of my favourite crochet designers are engineers by training! i think science/math and creativity definitely complement each other.

  7. I once had a needlework teacher tell me that we were made to craft…if we’re made in God’s image, and He created, we were made to “recreate”…and the best way to enjoy “recreation” time is re-creating by crafting. =) Good luck with the school!!

  8. i agree wholeheartedly :) and now that i’ve had a week of classes and clearly no time for crafting i find myself aching to paint, or crochet, or even knit (i don’t usually knit).

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