this week’s awesome finds

Magnolia napkin rings made from paper plates, from the always awesome Aunt Peaches.


Screen printing with embroidery hoop, nylons and mod podge, would really love to give it a try! From Calico Skies


Ruched leggings made from t‑shirts. Looks like the tutorial is for kids-size leggings, but maybe I can find an extra extra large t‑shirt in the men section and it will work for me… From Luvin the Mommyhood.


I once saw a shirt at a thrift store that had a piece of sad-looking toast on it and it said “I feel crumby”. So regretting not buying it! But I can now make my own crumby toast with polymer clay, and also happy ones :D From Craft Leftovers.


Make a desktop calendar with a cassette tape case! Brilliant. From Pysselbolaget.


Also brilliant is plasticine art framed in a CD case. From I Made It So.


Funky stripped socks for chairs! :D I’m thinking they would make really great house warming gifts. Pattern on Simply Notable.


It’s like my teacup mushrooms, except with real plants! Going to make this next time I pick up some teacups from the thrift store :D From Sew Trashy.


Made from sewing two silk scarves together. Simply awesome. From Talk 2 the Trees.


Bear, made from a sock. Very neat. Spotted on The Meta Picture.


Very sophisticated-looking origami bows. Folding diagram via How About Orange.


Wouldn’t this make an awesome pin? :D Pattern is in Italian but Google translate does a pretty good job. From Il blog di Laura.


Have a wonderful Monday! :D



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  1. Great finds! I love the knitty chair leg warmers, too cute. And love Rachel for Talk to the Trees. She always has great DIY’s.

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